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Are you anxious about some minor dents in your loving car? Want to remove it? If yes, no need to be tensed anymore. A slide hammer must be helpful for you to rub out all of the dents from your lovely car. Now, you have to know that what a slide hammer is and how to use slide hammer dent puller for removing the dent.

Therefore, you will be delighted to know that it is straightforward to remove dents by using a slide hammer but at the same time, you need to know some important knowledge about using it. So, keep reading!

Basically, a slide hammer is the equipment of a long steel metal shaft that can be attached to an object for applying force to remove the dents.

The long metal shaft has a weight that can slide up and down the shaft whenever it is needed. At the end of one side, there is a point to attach an object, and there is a stop at the end of the opposite side.

There is a number of good slide hammers in the market which are connected to several objects, including hooks and threads. A slide hammer is a tool that is mostly used for automotive repair, especially to remove bearings and pull dents.

In the write-up, I discussed the slide hammer. And now, have a look at how you can use a slide hammer to pull out dents. So, read below carefully!

How to Use a Slide Hammer Dent Puller

Why Use Slide Hammer

A slide hammer is the name of a certain solution to remove the dents from your car. By using a slide hammer, you can get rid of dents from the panels and objects that cannot be gripped from the back again.

Generally, a slide hammer is considered a small version of Morgan-Nokker. And you will be happy to hear that it is also available to your nearest departmental stores.

How to Use a Slide Hammer

In the view of removing dents, a slide hammer is really an essential tool for all of the car owners like you. You will be amazed to know that most people don’t know how to use a slide hammer!

Is it very tough to use? Not at all; a slide hammer is a tool that is very easy to use. Let’s know the use of a slide hammer!

Normally, a slide hammer has a pair of pinching jaws that make grabbing the nails easily. And also, there is a small lever that helps the nails to keep stress-free.

Most importantly, a slide hammer is the best way to grab the nails without a head by keeping the surface safe.

For your better understanding, I am going to write below step by step so that you can use a slide hammer easily to remove the dent from your car.

At first, place the pair of pinching jaws of the slide hammer on the surface where the nail’s head is located. Then you will need to slide the hammer a few times to make sure the jaws go into the surface for grabbing the nail. Then you must press down the tool upper the nail out if the nail head reaches the jaws for once.

To Pull a Wheel Hub

A slide hammer is the most useful tool for pulling a wheel hub. To complete the process, you will need a hub adapter, a slide hammer, and a large nut. In the beginning, you need to place the hub adapter on the hub and keep tight with the lug nuts the adapter on the hub.

Then insert the slide hammer and keep secure the hammer by using the large nut. And then start sliding the hammer back and forth for pulling the hub. At the eleventh hour, you will surprise to see the output.

Final verdict

How were all of the steps? I hope the steps will be useful to you. Most probably, you were feeling it earnestly, whereas you cherished to know the use of a slide hammer dent puller. Methinks, now you are really happy after carefully absorbing all of the above tips and tricks of using a slide hammer.

In a short time, you can remove the dents from your beloved car very easily with the small version of Morgan-Nokker. And in the end, you will agree with me that a slide hammer is the best way to remove the dents. Moreover, I think you are going to start removing the dent with a slide hammer very soon.

Have a lovely time with your dent-free gorgeous car! 🙂

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