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A hot glue gun is really an essential tool that is necessary for all kinds of people, especially for a craftsman, house owner, and also DIYer. Moreover, learning to use this handy tool is not a tough task; you need to know the proper way of using a hot glue gun.

It may cause an acute burn or fire if you do not use it correctly. Therefore, you need to know the proper use of a hot glue gun. So, keep reading for more!

Basically, hot glue comes from Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA), which is the form of thermoplastic adhesive, and it is usually sold as solid cylindrical sticks of different diameters.

Also, it is designed to apply for a specific use. There are various types of hot glue guns available in the market. You can choose a heavy-duty hot glue gun for you from there.

For a crafter’s use, smaller and larger are the two varieties of a hot glue gun. The larger glue gun can absorb more heat than the smaller one.

At the same time, with low melt glue sticks, you can use the larger guns. And the smaller one is fit for gluing paper and scrapbooking and even on cardboard because they emit a few glue streams.

Some of the cordless hot glue guns are used in the workshop. You will be glad to know that I also use a cordless one. So, it’s time to share with you the process step by step that how you can use your own hot glue gun properly. So, let’s know the using tips!

How to Use a Hot Glue Gun?

Step One

Considering the demand for your project, you will need to choose the appropriate gun, which will cope with the ongoing project perfectly. Before using your hot glue gun, you must read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Sometimes, you will notice a little bit of variation of the different manufacturer’s guidelines. But, always, you must read the instruction and follow them before starting to use the gun.

Step Two

You must protect your working area because the glue is very quick to set up, and it can ruin the surface in a moment. To protect the working area, crafters generally work over a thick piece of cardboard.

You should remember that when you are not using your glue gun, you should keep it in aluminum foil. But, if you haven’t, you can set it in an old metal pie pan or cookie sheet. You have to do that because your glue gun will continue to exude a bit of hot glue after every use. While crafting, you may wear long sleeves and gloves if you want to get more security.

When you use the gun for carpentry work, you may wear gloves and goggles or eye protection. Also, you can keep a bowl of ice water nearby because the glue can spatter. Unfortunately, if the melted glue falls on your skin, you must plunge the attacked area into the water to mitigate the burn and to make it peel away instantly.

Step Three

If you use craft type or smaller guns, it will take 5 to 8 minutes to be ready to use. Simultaneously, for the carpentry types or larger guns, it will take around 4 minutes to be prepared to use. According to the instructions, insert a glue stick into the opening.

Please note that if you use a glue stick with your new or empty glue gun, most of the glue will melt and fill the chamber. So, you will need to use the second glue stick quickly.

Don’t worry; the glue isn’t being wasted! It is filling in the chamber, and you can use it! Also, you need to remember that the hot melt glue will dry quicker than the low melt glue.

Step Four

If you are ready to glue, then pick up the gun. Simultaneously, you need to efface the first part of melted glue and move it to what you are gluing. Compressing the trigger slowly, get the proper amount of glue that you will need, and then keep gluing continue in a wiping motion.

Final verdict

I hope you have already gotten the easiest ways of learning how to use a hot glue gun. Most probably, you are delighted to introduce the above important information that you were searching for earnestly.

I tried to narrate for you easily how I use my own. Methinks, now you are completely clear and understand the using ways, and you are ready to use your hot glue gun properly.

Have a nice time with your hot glue gun! 🙂

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