How to Use a Digital Caliper – 5 Easy Steps

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Have you bought a digital caliper recently? Don’t you understand how to use it? If yes, then this article is for you. To know the perfect use of a digital caliper is not a difficult task at all.

But you will need to gather some knowledge to learn it. This is why I will share my practical experiences with you about the use of a digital caliper set. So, keep reading!

How to Use a Digital Caliper

To take the exact measurement, it’s essential to know how to use a caliper correctly. Digital calipers have different types. But, the most common one is known as Vernier Calipers. A long time ago, when the calipers were not digital, that time, Vernier calipers were used as a sliding scale or a dial indicator.

But the evolution of time, the calipers got a new dimension with the great update, which is called digital calipers! Generally, a caliper set is used to get the actual measurement of the distance between two opposite sides of an object.

With the most updated calipers, you can also measure the 1000th part of an inch. You will be happy to know that other high-quality calipers measure even smaller distances than these increments.

Therefore, to take an accurate measurement, you need to learn how to use a digital caliper properly. Let’s talk step by step about how to use it.

How to Use a Digital Caliper?

Measuring Outside Dimension

Using the outside jaws, you can measure the outside dimension of an object. At first, close your calipers to the object and press the zero buttons to rub out all of the previous signs of uses. It would help if you kept the object parallel to the jaws, or you will not get the exact measurement.

When you want to measure the thickness of an object, by using the outside jaws, you can do it. Definitely, this measurement is inevitable for CNC mill users.

If you don’t know your material thickness accurately, you can not cut the material properly as your need. So, keep the object perpendicular to the jaws so that you can take an accurate measurement of thickness.

Measuring Inside Dimension

Now you need to use the inside jaws of your digital caliper to measure the inside dimension of an object. So, again close the caliper to the object and avoid all of the previous measures by pressing zero buttons.

At the same time, to take the accuracy of the measures, make sure to keep the object perpendicular to the jaws. With the use of a thumb-screw, open the caliper until both jaws grab the object with firm contact. Now, take the reading on the digital indicator.

Measuring Depth

A depth gauge of a digital caliper set is outstanding to measure, which is called a “depth probe.” This probe may be compacted into the objects that determine how deep the hole is!

While taking the depth measurement, make sure the calipers are perpendicular to the surface, and then once again, you need to close the calipers to the object and press zero buttons before starting the measure.

Now, keep the base of your calipers over the hole and use the thumbscrew to reach the lower part into the object until it makes firm contact with the bottom of the object. Then, read the measurement on the screen.

Step Measurements

You cannot take the step measurements with all kind of digital calipers. There are good calipers set available in the market. If your calipers are unable to take the step measurement, then you may use the depth gauge in a pinch to replicate this function pinch.

Using the head of the caliper, a step measurement works to measure the step difference between two sections of any material. You may think of measuring a stairway.

While keeping the bottom jaw on rest, at the same time, the top jaw of the caliper will meet the next step. At working with small objects, it seems very handy as well as building scale models of larger items.

Difference Measurement

The difference in measurement depends on the difference between the two object’s dimensions. It can be combined with any of the measuring choices which have already been narrated above.

Now, comes to different measurement! Just like before steps of measuring, close the calipers, and press the zero button.

Take the first measurement by using any of the techniques above. At this moment, again, press the zero button without moving or closing calipers.

Take the second measurement by using the techniques above. See the result on the LCD monitor. This is the reading, which is the difference between the two objects!

Nowadays, it is seen that the “reading hold” button in some high-quality caliper set which is used instead of zeroing the calipers. Using this reading hold, you may easily take the first measurement.

To take the second measurement, press the hold button. Now, the calipers will show the result of the difference between the two.

Final Verdict

How was the trip? I hope you think that it is enough useful information for you. Methinks, already you have got all of the information that you are searching for here and there to know the proper use of a digital caliper. Most probably, you have made out some important ideas on how to use your own.

In this article, I tried to present all of the processes easier to use a digital caliper for you so that you can save your time and energy.

When you start using your caliper through this knowledge, spontaneously, you will laugh and say, how easy to use it is! Gradually, you will know the ins and outs of the perfect use of your digital caliper when you will use a digital caliper practically.

Have a happy time with your digital caliper! 🙂

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