How to Use a Chainsaw Sharpener

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Do you need to sharpen the teeth set of your chainsaw? Don’t you know how to use a chainsaw sharpener? If yes, hold on! You will be happy to know that it’s really easy to sharpen a chainsaw. Therefore, considering your emotion, I assure you that you are visiting the right place at this moment. Keep reading to know more.

A chainsaw sharpener file is really important to keep the blade teeth sharpen on your chainsaw. It is not difficult to sharpen the blade of the chainsaw with the sharpener. But you will need to learn how to sharpen the teeth set off the chainsaw and how to do it perfectly on your own.

In this article, you will know the proper use of a chainsaw sharpener to keep your chainsaw blade teeth smooth and stronger to cut more. So, let’s discuss step-by-step for your better learning.

How to Use a Chainsaw Sharpener

Clean the chain

At the very beginning, clean the chain on your chainsaw with an old toothbrush and mineral solvent. While cleaning the chain, it’s important to clean all of the blade teeth first.

Also, try to reach the beneath chain to clean, which is adjacent to the chain bar. You should be careful about your hands when you keep cleaning the teeth and the chain bar on your chainsaw.

Align the chainsaw file

Usually, you can start the cleaning from anywhere to sharpen the teeth of the blade on the chainsaw. At the first sharpening, you may choose a tooth and, at the same time, place the chainsaw sharpener file correctly in the notch on the front part of the tooth.

Keep in mind that don’t start filing continuously because it doesn’t make proper sharpening of the tooth.

Lift file to the appropriate angle

You have to hold the sharpener file at the right angle when you start filing the blade tooth on the chain. At the same time, you need to tilt the sharpener file to an angle of about 25 or 30 degrees.

For the better sharpening of your chainsaw blade teeth, you have to keep the sharpening file at that appropriate angle. Also, you can follow the operating instructions what is written on your chainsaw to make sure your angle is absolutely correct.

File Chainsaw Tooth Blade

If you keep the sharpener file at the right angle of the blade tooth on the chain, then you can start filing to sharpen the tooth properly. The sharpener file moves back and forth with clockwise and anticlockwise. As a result, the filing makes strokes, which will help to remove dust from the metal tooth on the blade.

Also, it will help to sharpen the teeth smoother and faster. At the filing period, don’t try to sharpen the blade teeth exceedingly. Remember that you must not push the file more than 3 or 4 times.

Repeat for All Other Blade Teeth

When you complete the filing first tooth on the blade once, then repeat the process for all other teeth in the same direction.

While keeping it continue, you will need to enhance the filing to the chain on the chain bar by turning it with your hands. While doing so, a little bit of carelessness can cut a bad figure of your hands. So, try to be more careful when you do this.

File All Cross-Angle Blade Teeth

Take and reverse the position of the sharpener file after completing all the teeth filing in that same direction and the same angles. By repeating the process for all of the cross-angle teeth on the chainsaw and also chain bar, make the blade tooth on the chain much smoother and sharpener.

Oil the Blade

After finishing the sharpening process for all of the blade teeth on the chainsaw, oil the blade all over the body; for oiling the blade, you may choose some bar oil and need to put it into a narrow bottle. With a drop, apply this oil to the blade chain surface. Also, by oiling, you can furnish your chainsaw blade teeth and the chain bar too.

Final verdict

To see a pleasing smile on your face, I tried to share my practical experiences about the use of a chainsaw sharpener. I hope you have already marked the ideas on how to use a chainsaw sharpener! I confirm that it has been a sitting duck to use a chainsaw sharpener for you.

Most probably, you were searching all of the information above to know the perfect use of a chainsaw sharpener. This is why I think; this article will be useful for you to sharpen your chainsaw. So, try to follow them. Also, you will learn more about this when you will use your own chainsaw sharpener like me!

Have a cheerful time with your chainsaw sharpener! 🙂

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