Top 10 Women DIY Blog You Must Follow in 2020

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Hey DIYers! How are your projects going on? Mine is going pretty cool. Today, I’m going to share the top 10 women DIY blog you must follow in 2020!

All these are really helpful as well as the important blog for us. And following them, we will be able to learn something new and can apply them to our projects.

All these are the most popular and pro-quality blogs ever! From my DIY experience, I have got them and always try to follow.

You also can be with me and follow them for better DIY ideas. So, let’s discuss them in a row and know which is best for what.

Top 10 Women DIY Blog

Cassity from

 Cassityremodelaholic.comIt’s really a charming blog for women DIYers. I have been following this blog for a long since.

Cassity is its author, and she is really a great DIYer.

She shares her feelings and thoughts on this blog. You will get a great deal of DIY ideas and tricks on the blog and can apply them to your projects.

The blog is undoubtedly great, and all its contents are friendly and easy to read and understand.

Moreover, you will get a huge amount of practical video content on it, which will help you better understand.

It has several categories, and Cassity shares several DIY ideas on them. So, have a look at this blog!

 Kelly Dixon from


If you are searching for a blog in which you can get a combination of DIY, holidays, lifestyle, and recipe posts, then this blog is waiting for you!

Its author is Kelly Dixon, a passionate DIYer, and shares beneficial posts on her blog.

I have already learned some wonderful DIY ideas and recipes from this blog and have applied successfully.

All the posts on the blog are effortless to follow and in detail. I didn’t face any trouble understanding them and hope you also like them very much.

You will get several DIY ideas from it, including- crafts for kids, handmade gifts, homemade decorations, school crafts, and so on.

All the ideas are really unique and eye-catching! So, if you have time, have a look at the blog and discover something new!

Casey & Bridget from

Casey & Bridgetthediyplaybook.comAre you in need of a to-do list? Take help from Casey and Bridget. They are really experts to make you busy with some new DIY projects.

You will not feel the need for any other blog if you follow them!

If you want to make your house dreamy, then I recommend you to browse this site right now.

I love this blog for its friendly posts. So, if you want to be with me, let’s follow the blog from now!

Amanda Nistor from

Amanda Nistorwww.ruffledblog.comIf you need a wedding-related blog from which you can acquire some DIY wedding plans, then this blog will be the best for you.

You will get various DIY ideas for every single part of a wedding ceremony from this blog.

Before some months, I was searching for a wedding-related blog for my cousin’s wedding. It was a little bit tough to get a great DIY wedding blog!

In the meantime, I have found this blog and god several unique and easy DIY wedding ideas from it. Not the end at all! You will get some beautiful DIY ideas on it, which will make you hurry to start.

All of its posts are friendly and easy to understand. I like the step by step articles of the blog. I hope you also will get such an experience if you visit the blog!

Sherry from

Sherryyounghouselove.comIt’s a house-related blog. You will get a huge amount of unique DIY ideas from it for applying to your house.

If you are searching for a blog in which you will get DIY ideas to apply in every single part of your house, then you can check this blog!

You can decorate your loving house following Sherry’s ideas and will get a new look. I have made some sweet changes to my house, following her ideas.

Moreover, if I take a project to decorate my house, I like to follow this blog to get some thoughts and processes.


ALLISONdreamalittlebigger.comAre you a craft lover? Do you want to meet the biggest art network?

If yes, then you should get in touch with this blog.

There are thousands of handmade arts and crafts ideas available in this blog for you.

If you follow this blog, you will not feel thirst to get any more blogs. It will be enough for you to follow.

It never stops! You will get new and updated craft ideas regularly from this blog. Moreover, you also can be a participant in this blog by sharing your craft thoughts and ideas!

It’s important to share that almost all kinds of categories of craft projects are available here. So, what do you think? Want to have a look?


www.diyncrafts.comIt is one of my favorite DIY blogs! This blog has a combination of crafts, fashion, health, homemade, life hacks, knitting and crocheting, repurpose, and food DIY ideas.

It is full of resources to follow. You will be happy to know that this blog will be your family problem solver!

You will get the solution to most of your family problems from here. I love this blog for its easy content and step by step instructions. So, if you are curious about this blog, you can browse it right now!


KRISTIaddicted2decorating.comAre you fond of decorating? Frequently think to change your house or office?

If you are such a DIYer, then this blog is for you.

You will get huge ticks and tips to make a change in your loving home!

Kristi is the author of the blog, and she is an interior decorator.

She loves to share new decorating systems to all by this blog.

Whenever I think of decorating my home and feel the need for a new look, I take some suggestions from this blog. You also can stay close to this blog and discover new decorating styles regularly!

Mandi from

Mandivintagerevivals.comIf you are fond of painting and want to get in touch with an excellent painting blog, then I suggest you have a look at this blog.

Mandi is its author and shares her feeling as well as thoughts in this blog.

Believe it or not, her tips and tricks are really great to make a sweet change in your home. I visit this blog regularly to get new and attractive tips from Mandi. If you want, you also can be with me!

Kate from

Katecentsationalstyle.comThis blog has a combination of interior design, home improvement, and travel ideas.

Kate is its author, and she is a renovator, decorator, and globetrotter. She shares her innovative ideas in this blog.

You will get some unique and outstanding DIY ideas from this blog. Especially, if you require some hidden tricks on interior design, silently browse this blog, you will get it!

I love this blog for its easy to understand posts! So, you too, are with me!

Final Verdict

It was really a great time when I was sharing my loving blogs with you. I have selected these blogs for you to spend enough time on. All these are of great resources and best for women to follow.

I hope you like my post on the top 10 women DIY blog you must follow in 2020. If you have any blog which we can follow, I appreciate you sharing it with us.

Have a great time with any of these blogs! 🙂

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