Top 10 Must Have Tools for Professional Woodworker

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Woodworking is a creative job. And, to create something new, a woodworker needs some equipment to bloom his or her creativity. There are many tools to use, but from them, some are must-haves. So, do you want to know which they are?

Well, we are here to discuss the top 10 must-have tools for professional woodworkers. You will definitely love this article as we are a DIY woodworker group and sharing all the information based on our personal experience. So, let’s start!

10 Must-Have Tools for Professional Woodworker

1. Tape Measure

Not only for woodworking, but a tape measure is also a must-have thing for almost all projects. A tape measure is used to take the perfect measurement. Moreover, it helps you to get the desired shape for your products. There are various types of tape measures available. For this purpose, to make your job easy and fast, you can use retractable tape.

2. Claw Hammer

Another must-have tool for woodworkers. Naturally, almost all the homeowner keeps a claw hammer to their collection. Generally, the size of a claw hammer is 20 ounces. It has a rounded finish head, which is counterbalanced by the claw. Basically, there are two types of claw hammers. One is fiberglass handled, and another is wooden handled.

For this purpose, a wooden-handled claw hammer is better than fiberglass handled. Why? Well, wooden-handled claw hammers absorb more vibration than fiberglass handled claw hammer when you need to hammer a lot of nails in. Also, these are more comfortable to handle.

3. Utility Knife

I think a toolbox is incomplete without a utility knife. Yes, for woodworkers, it’s also a must-have tool. There are various types of utility knives available in the market. From them, I suggest you take one which has disposable blades. Why? Well, the utility knife, which has disposable blades, comes with a grip.

You can retract the blade into the grip when it’s not in use. The grip will help you to stay safe. Using a utility knife, a woodworker can clean mortise joints to the scribed wood. Also, it has different uses on woodworking projects.

4. Chisel

Chisel is very important for woodworkers when they need to carve or cut wood. You will get the various sizes of chisel depending on use. It is good to buy the chisel, which is made of high-alloy carbon steel or chromium-vanadium alloyed steel.

It has a grip of hardwood, and the grip is covered with a metal cap. It’s best to choose the chisel, which has a long grip as you may need to use it along with a hammer. Also, a long grip will fit with your hand perfectly, and you will feel comfortable to hold it for a long time.

5. Benchtop Planer

When you get a piece of wood with imperfect surfaces, a benchtop planer is the best tool to fix it. The maximum of the wood comes with an inferior texture, and we fall in trouble to make it flat. Yes, there are several ways to fix it. But, a planer will make the process easier and faster.

Also, this tool is capable of cutting your timber into the proper thickness and dimensions you want. Moreover, a benchtop planer can give you a smooth finish and perfect edges. Besides, a benchtop planer can help you to minimize your cost. How? Well, when you want to buy wood, you will get both perfect and imperfect surface wood. The woods with an ideal surface are costly.

But, if you buy woods with an imperfect surface, you will get them at a low price and can make them smooth with a benchtop planer easily. So, you will save your money! Here, a negative side is also available. You will lose some wood when planing. But, I don’t think they will make you lose. Finally, you will surely save some money!

6. Power Drill

Drilling is significant in woodworking. While you need to drill wood, what do you use? It’s definitely a drill machine. There are two types of machines. One is corded, and another is cordless. Which do you use? I have both of them and use them as per my need!

From my personal experience, corded drills are more comfortable to use when a cordless one is painful as you have to change and maintain its battery. Again, if you use a cordless drill, you won’t be able to use it for a long time. I’m using DEWALT DWD112 VSR Pistol-Grip Drill and getting an outstanding performance. It’s providing me a painless service (source).

On the other hand, there are some benefits to use a cordless drill. If you want to select a workplace where electricity isn’t available, a corded drill won’t be useful. Here, if you have a cordless drill, you will be able to use it everywhere you want as it runs with a battery. Some people don’t like cordless drills as their power is limited. Yes, I agree with them. But I didn’t face any problem yet. 

7. Sander

We must make the wood smooth before using it. Here, to finish off our woodworking pieces, we need a sander. Yes, it’s also a must-have tool for professional woodworkers. For this purpose, a belt sander is easy and reliable to use. And it’s the best all-around.

The main benefit of a belt sander is; you can use it not only to make the woods smooth, but you will also be able to level other surfaces too. Moreover, belt sanders are handy and portable. So, it will be easy to deal with. If you have a belt sander, you can perfectly fix all of the sanding imperfections in a moment.

8. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are a must for a toolbox. In woodworking, it has a variety of use. But, all screwdrivers aren’t the same. It would help if you were careful before buying it. There are some screwdrivers good for woodworking. It has various sizes and lengths. You buy matching with your requirement.

There is Torx or a star driver. These differ in use. So, determine your need before buying. For this purpose, ratcheting screwdrivers are also good to use. But, the screwdriver must be made of high-quality metals. Otherwise, it will strip when you use them with much pressure. So, be sure that it’s made with premium quality materials and will last longer.

9. Jigsaw

There are various types of saws available for woodworking. Using a regular saw, you can cut or make the wood straight. But, when you need to make the wood curve, which saw you would use? A regular one? It won’t work well for sure. Here, it would be best if you had a jigsaw.

A jigsaw will help you in cutting curved and circular designs on wood. It’s best to make your furniture with your desired design. Moreover, jigsaws are lightweight, and you will feel comfortable to hold. So, if you haven’t one, I suggest you add it to your collection today!

10. Clamps

You may think that a professional woodworker doesn’t need clamps. But, I guess clamps are a must-have tool for woodworking. It will make your job easier and more accurate. This tool helps to hold woods in place perfectly, and you will be able to attach wood pieces together tightly. So, the wood won’t move, and you can cut them comfortably and accurately. So, I think you should keep a clamp on your collection.

Final Verdict

I think those are the top 10 must-have tools for a professional woodworker! I have all these tools in my collection and having outstanding performance on my projects. If you think there are some other must-have tools available for a professional woodworker, please let me know. I’m waiting to hear from you!

Have A Wonderful Woodworking Experience! 🙂

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