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The air hammer was first invented in 1890. After four years of the invention, the air hammer was patented by Charles Brady King in 1894. An air hammer is also known as an air chisel.

Many years ago, people used traditional hammer and chisel. With the evolution of time, the traditional hammers are replaced by the air hammer.

Basically, an air hammer is a pneumatic tool which is used to dig holes or cut through a surface as well as to shape or smooth a surface area.

The air hammer is not only a wonderful pneumatic technology but also it is a handy tool that is very valuable for its speed.

So, did you buy an air hammer? Aren’t you clear on how to use it? No problem, I also didn’t know when I bought it first. An air hammer is a tool that has many uses for a craftsman. There are many tips to use an air hammer perfectly.

Today I’m going to share with you my experiences using an air hammer. Here I will try to make you clear that how does an air hammer work! I will write it step by step and as easily as possible for you to understand properly. So, let’s start!

How Does an Air Hammer Work?

The Piston

The piston of an air hammer is the only part that moves. It is located inside a cylinder of the air hammer, which moves very rapidly back and forth from the air pressure of the compressor.

At the same time, following the air hammer, the piston moves up and down, and also it opens a valve that helps the compressed air to enter the cylinder.

With the high speed, air flows the top of the piston, and then it spreads all over the inner part of the cylinder from above, and it pushes to go underneath.

When it comes to the bottom, then it pushes upwards again. It is a cycling process that completes a cycle thousands of times per minute.


By using air compression, air hammer works. The compression of the air is the main power of an air hammer. Air compressors are one kind of large air tank which is attached to a motor. Also, the air hammer is adjacent to an air tank with a tube.

The motor provides pressurized air in the tank until it fulfills. This pressurized air keeps moving at sixes and sevens in the tube. The random moves of the air help the air hammer to be operational.

The air compressor’s size can be different according to the air hammer’s size. Small sizes of air hammers need small compressors; simultaneously, larger air hammers need larger compressors.

Air compressors of specific air hammer models use specific CFM or cubic feet per minute and PSI or pounds per square inch.


For shaping or smoothing, hammer tips are very useful. At the same time, chisel tips will help you with cutting and scoring.

You will see, there are verity kinds of tips for hammer and chisel to use. All of the tips will help you so that you can use your hand-held air hammer correctly.

You should be careful and read precautions when you choose the tips for the better use of your pneumatic tool.


There are numerous motives to use an air hammer. In your job purpose, an air hammer has the perfect application for nailing.

You will see there are several bits when you go to use the air hammer. Different bits are used for different works.

The powerful drill bit works for drilling in a surface area. Some bits can be acquired to cut steel, metal, and others will be used for decorative and ornamental objectives. An air hammer is also used to take out mortar or to remove rivets and so on.


As the air hammers are very powerful tools, it may be the cause of a great injury if you do not be careful about the precaution when you use it.

You need to control your mighty tool with a calm mind and a steady hand. Before using an air hammer, make sure to wear safety glasses and earplugs.

Importantly, you should bear in mind that you must unplug the air hammer when you change the bits and tips into various moods. Be more careful while positioning the tool so that you can handle the air hammer as you want.

Final Verdict

How was the trip? Methinks, already you have got some important ideas about how an air hammer works. Hope, spending a limited time, you have got all the important information that you were looking for. All of the information above will help you when you use your pneumatic tool.

Remember that, by using your air hammer, you will learn more about how you can drive your tool efficiently. Always use the tools with the highest safety to avoid unexpected injury. Keeping a smile on your mild face, use the air hammer with unlimited joy.

Have a perfect time with your air hammer! 🙂

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