How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car?

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How is your beautiful car? Has your car been caught in recent accidents? Is there any little dent in it? If yes, no need to be tensed anymore!

Fixing a small dent in a car is not a difficult task, but it requires learning how to fix it properly. At the same time, it is important to know the useful tricks which can remove the dents properly. So, keep reading!

In spite of driving the car very carefully, sometimes you may face the dent experience all at once. Someone can hit your car or wrong parked of the car may be the reason to get an unexpected dent in your beloved car.

Most probably, you will agree with me that there is nothing more irritating matter than getting a dent in your car.

You will be happy to know that, just using a few tools, you can remove the dents easily. When you know how to fix the dents using these tools, then you don’t need to go to the technician for the minor dents.

At the same time, if you use some professional dent removal techniques, then your car will look like a new one, and you will be surprised to see it.

Six months ago, I was a victim of a car accident. Somehow, when the memory of the day comes to my mind, I feel afraid to even now. Fortunately, my car got some dents without any big damage.

Then, I fixed all of the dents very easily using some easy tips and tricks. Now, in this article, I am going to share step by step my dent fixing experience with you so that you can fix your own. So let’s start the trip!

How to Fix a Small Dent in a Car?

Remove a dent with a hairdryer

At first, you will need to heat the dent by using the hairdryer. You must keep the hairdryer 6 inches away from the car’s surface. At the same time, you need to cover the dent with a piece of aluminum foil.

You should be more careful while doing it and keep your hands safe from any injuries by wearing rubber-coated gloves. Then you will need to rub out the aluminum foil covering the dent with the dry ice. Also, you may cool the dented area by using liquefied compressed air.

Use a plunger

A plunger is a tool that is not only used to apart unclogging toilets but also can be used for various purposes. You can remove a minor dent perfectly by using a plunger.

You have to continue the water supply over the plunger as well as the dent. To remove the dent, you will need to plunger up and down by pushing. Please do it again and again until the dent pops out.

Fix a dented bumper with boiling water

This dent removal method will be applicable when the dent is located on plastic bumpers and also on the parts of your car, which are made of plastic. You have to boil a pot of water and pour it over the dent space on the bumper.

Then pour the boil water rare side of the bumper and pop the dent out. If the dent can’t be reached, you need to take the bumper off. At the eleventh hour, you will need to pour a pot of cold water onto the bumper to keep cool and then fix the plastic area.

Use a vacuum cleaner and a bucket

Now you will need to make a small hole in the bottom of the bucket and, at the same time, cover the dent with the upper part of the bucket. Then, keep the vacuum cleaner tube over the dent on the bottom of the bucket. Please turn the vacuum cleaner on and wait until the dent removes it!

Final verdict

In the end! I hope you have got the ways of fixing the dents in your loving car. Ultimately, you have understood that to rub out a small dent is very easy. All of the steps will be very helpful when you decide to fix your own car’s dent.

To keep the safety of your car’s surface, you must choose the best techniques for removing a dent. You should be more careful when you use boiled water to the dent. It’s my pleasure that you are keeping a smile on your face and ready for removing dents.

Have a nice time with your loving Car! 🙂

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