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Best Hot Glue Gun in 2018 – Reviews & Guide

Best Hot Glue Gun

Are you in need of a glue gun to make a hard bond? There is a huge amount of best hot glue gun and also glue gun review out there. But the main fact is to know the best options of a quality glue gun and how to select a high-quality glue gun.

There are several uses of it in our daily life. It may be used in a factory or a business place where workers make any product by using it. Again, it has a use in our household chores.

We face many broken cases in our daily life even there are many things to tie with. In all this purpose we need a DIY glue gun. For home use, you can choose a mini hot glue gun for you. In this place, you are going to meet the best hot glue gun review!

Glue gun has different types and quality. All of them are not reliable glue gun for you. You have to know about the main features and considerations of an excellent glue gun and then you can understand that which is the perfect glue gun for you.

To search out a good quality glue gun is not an easy task. But, you must purchase a good glue gun to make your DIY project successful. In our best glue gun review, we have tried to collect the right glue gun for you and for that we have spent 58 hours.

There are many kinds of glue gun out there. Let’s know them in a while- craft glue gun, cordless hot glue gun, electric glue gun, professional grade hot glue gun, professional hot glue gun, professional glue gun, electric hot melt glue gun, durable glue gun etc. You can also check the wood glue for crafts and woodworking project.

From them, you have to select that which is best for you and suitable for your need. Here in our best glue gun review, we are going to introduce the best glue gun with you. So keep reading.

Top 3 Hot Glue Gun – Top Pick



You are at the point of our 10 best quality glue gun. All the selected products below are perfect, stylish, unique, and heavy duty. All of our picking glue guns have the considerations we have suggested above.

We do not include any low-quality product with our review. Because we do not compromise with quality. So you can keep your faith. So, let’s jump and search out your glue gun which is waiting for you.

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue GunThis is our first pick. This one is the best hot glue gun ever from Surebonder. It is an Industrial high-temperature glue gun.

It is very lightweight and will give you much comfort as well as a perfect test of a quality glue gun. You will not face any hand pain if you hold it for a long time period.

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It has a protective heat resistant nozzle cover which will save you from the heat of inside. This glue gun is very stylish and good looking.

With a strong body, it is very powerful and obviously long lasting. It has a vast popularity with name and fame on Amazon.

Why Recommend it

This glue gun has all the considerations we discussed above. It has auto shut off system, safety fuse, side fins and many other special features. It has 7/16-Inch diameter glue sticks to provide you the best service. Ergonomic rubber triggers and handles are included in it to give you super comfort.

Also, there are 20 and 60 watts model available of this glue gun. It includes 30-minute auto shut off function to ensure your safety. A dual temperature for high and low applications are installed. It has some more nice features.

Design: It comes with an ergonomic design trigger which allows you to use it with comfort.

Power: This glue gun has 100-Watt of Power. 100 watt is an ideal power for a glue gun you know.

Nozzle: This one is equipped with an insulated heat-resistant nozzle. Specialty nozzles are also available on it.


CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue GunThis CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun is from CCbetter. It is a renowned company and manufacturing quality glue gun for several years.

It has a huge amount of positive review and a vast popularity among other glue guns of Amazon. It is very easy to use and have a perfect shape to match with your hand to give you super comfort.

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You can use this glue gun not only for DIY crafts making but also in daily quick repairs. It is a clean glue gun. It keeps your items neat and clean. It is perfect for commercial and non-commercial use.

Why Recommend it

To recommend this glue gun there are many reasons. Firstly this one comes from a renowned company and it has a vast popularity with a huge selling ratio. It includes 25pcs environmental-friendly glue sticks, with super strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items.

This glue gun is really friendly and provides fast service. This glue gun is made of high-quality plastic and aluminum material.

Several Use Purpose: Heats up in 3-5 minutes and maintain constant temperature automatically which makes it an ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.

Comfortable: Safe and comfortable power switch with a LED light mode. It has detachable and flexible support to keep the gun stable and upright. It allows you to use at any angle.

Powerful: Trigger propulsion device controls glue flow will help you save much more glue sticks. With high quality and insulated nozzle, there is no deforming of the gun even long-term use under 500℉.


Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun

Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue GunThis Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun is a unique and one of the best hot glue gun on Amazon from PAM Fastening Technology. You can use this glue gun as long as you want. This is a restless and heavy-duty product.

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Probably you are searching for a powerful as well as a long-lasting glue gun. If yes then Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun for UX8012 Hot Melt Adhesive is perfect for you.

This one is best for professional use even if you want to use it at your home or at your shop then you can purchase it. You will not face any difficulty with this glue gun.

Why Recommend it

This glue gun is the most heavy duty one and it is the first reason to recommend this one to you. It has an adjustable trigger which maximizes output and reduces fatigue. It has Proprietary Drip-Free Nozzle. It comes with a beautiful design and a strong body to give you much comfort and restless service.

This glue gun has huge positive reviews from its present users. Also, there are some special features on it which will make you positive to purchase it!

Quick: This glue gun reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes or less. So you can use it in a short time after power-on.

Adjustable: It has adjustable High Temperature 285°F – 428°F (140°C – 220°C) which will help you to do your task quickly.

Watt: It has powerful 220-watt heating element design for fast and continuous use. So there is nothing to be worried about its working duration time.


5 Best Hot Glue Gun – Editors Choice

Above glue guns are the best and perfect for you to take. Also, we have searched out another six best glue gun for you. All these are as good as our first three picks.

All the glue gun below has the considerations we have discussed. You will get your targeted one on either our first three picks or you are surely going to get it from our next seven picks for sure! Let’s see them.

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Surebonder DT-200F-KIT Black Mini Glue Gun Kit

Surebonder DT-200F-KIT Black Mini Glue Gun KitThis is a Dual Temperature Mini Glue Gun kit from Surebonder. If you are searching for a low price glue gun then this one is perfect for you.

This glue gun is best in service though you are getting it at a low cost. This one is 100% perfect for your craft and DIY projects.

It has a slim and lightweight body which will give you super comfortable feel while using it. It comes with a mini dual temperature glue gun and 12 glue sticks.

So you will be free from the pressure of buying extra glue stick for your project and, it is a better option for you.

Why Recommend it

The first reason of recommending this glue gun is its cost. Its cost is little than its service which we have shared with you already.

This glue guns high-temperature settings are best for metals, ceramics, wood, and plastic. Again its low-temperature settings can be used for ribbon floral foam, foil, lace and delicate materials.

You can change the setting of this glue gun simply by flipping the switch on the handle of the gun. Also, some special features make it perfect for you.

High Temperature: This high-temperature glue gun is perfect for hobbies, arts, and crafts. So this is the min time to make your hobbies happen.

Low Temperature: This glue guns low temperature is best for lace, ribbon, floral foam. So you can use it for these purpose without feeling any tension.

Package: This package contains one Dual-Temp 10 watt Mini Glue Gun (measures 5-1/2×3-1/2x1in) with attached power cord (UL Listed E246769) and flip.


MELTOX Dual Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

MELTOX Dual Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun KitThis MELTOX Dual Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit is our seventh pick. You will be happy to know that this glue gun comes in gift ready box.

So if you want to gift it to any of your dearest person then you do not have to face any trouble to pack. Even if you want to buy it for you, you will be surprised to see it in a gift-ready box!

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This glue gun includes a bonus e-book with great crafting ideas for you. So, if you need some craft ideas, you can find them from it. And really this is a unique option for this glue gun.

Why Recommend it

This one is a standard glue gun for you. Its beautiful white design made for casual and experienced users. It features built-in indicator. Its red light for 100watts indicates high heat glue gun and green indicator light for 60 watts indicating cold heat glue gun.

The hot glue gun kit is perfect for arts and crafts, scrapbooking and household projects. This glue gun is sealing wax compatible.

Powerful and Safe: Dual wattage option makes this a low temp glue gun and high temp glue gun in one. Features a 110-240 voltage and 50-60Hz Trigger Feed. Anti-overheating case with thermal insulation on the handle completed with a button to allow for safe switching between uses.

Ready to use Bundle: Bundle includes one professional hot melt glue gun with 12 standard 7/16″ (11mm) inch diameter and 8″ inch length (200mm) all-purpose glue gun sticks.

A long cord means you don’t need a cordless/wireless glue gun, butane glue gun with a constant need for batteries or butane.

Multipurpose Craft and Build: Minimum 60 watts for light craft work and Maximum 100 watts for big projects. Great for wood, metal, plastic, paper, leather, fabric, carpet, detail, magnets, ceramics, glass, decorations, frames, DIY projects, school projects. Compatible with glue gun sealing wax.


Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun with 15 Pieces Melt Glue

Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun with 15 Pieces Melt GlueThis is another glue gun at a low price. This Attican Black Iron Hot Glue Gun gives you the best service and outstanding comfort. You will not face any problem while using it.

This glue gun is perfect for professional or non-professional use. You can do your art and crafts with it as long and as much as you want.

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This one is very secure to use as well as heavy duty. It has a powerful body and best-looking design. This glue gun comes with 15 melt glue sticks. So you do not have to take any pressure to buy extra glue sticks instantly. You can use them for a long time.

Why Recommend it

If you love DIY projects and searching for the best matching glue gun then this one is made for you. If you want to apply this glue gun with your fabric and other craft materials then it will 100% perfect. You can use glue sticks in 5/16″.

This glue gun is very powerful and has all the considerations we have discussed above. So you can take it without any confusion. This glue gun has some unique and loving features.

Heavy Duty: It’s a heavy duty 20 watts mini hot glue gun for craft building and repair.

Light Weight: The gun is very lightweight and sturdy. Again, it comes with 15 melt glue sticks which are totally free.

Fast: Provides fast glue melting, saves your time. Attican challenges you 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun

Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue GunThis Mini Detailed Glue Gun is one of the best glue gun in Amazon from Surebonder. It has a great look and a lightweight body.

You will feel very much comfort to hold it. This glue gun is very powerful and long-lasting. Also, its price is low.

You will get the best one with a little cost. The most important option of this glue gun is its customer review. There are a huge amount of positive reviews on it on Amazon.

Its users are marking it as the highest comfortable glue gun ever. You can manage your DIY tasks properly with it.

Why Recommend it

The main reason for recommending this glue gun is its customer review. This glue gun is very easy to use and it is too smart to look. It is very safe to use. Its high temperature helps to make a better bond with paper, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics and many more.

This 20-watt glue gun features a lighted power light, insulated nozzle, detachable auxiliary stand and a safety fuse for enhanced protection. It has some other eye-catching features to share with you.

Temperature: You can use it with high or dual temperature glue sticks. It is a 20 Watt and 120 Volts glue gun.

Safe: It has a safety fuse for enhanced protection. So there is nothing to be tensed about your safety.

Nozzle and Detachable: It includes an insulated nozzle and detachable auxiliary stand to give you super comfort and a relax DIY work.


YutaoZ 120W Professional Adjustable Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Gun

YutaoZ 120W Professional Adjustable Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive Glue GunThis YutaoZ 120W Professional Adjustable Temperature Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Gun is a prim glue gun for you.

If you are searching for a glue gun to maintain a long-term DIY project and need a long lasting glue gun then I suggest you to take this one. It is a handy glue gun.

This one has a standard and nice body and a large handle to give you the most comfort in your DIY tasks. This glue gun is long lasting and very easy to use.

Once you purchase it and forget to buy a new one. This glue gun has vast popularity with best customer reviews.

Why Recommend it

It has an interchangeable and insulated nozzle. This one features built-in leak-proof valve and non-drip tip. The package includes a hot melt glue gun and 2 pcs environmental friendly glue sticks for you.

It has adjustable temperature ranges from 100°C to 220°C (212°F – 428°F), which makes the glue gun good for both hot and cold applications. This glue gun has some extra attractive features which will make you smile for sure.

Power Source: It comes with AC 100V-240V. 120W power. Its temperature adjustable range is 100℃-220℃.

Diameter: this glue gun is compatible with the glue strips diameter between 10.5mm-11.5mm, 15-20g/min melting out.

Anti-overheating: This one has anti-overheating with ceramic PTC thermistor. Also, it has an automatic thermostat to save energy.


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing A Best Hot Glue Gun

From the above discussion you probably understanding that before buying a glue gun you must follow some considerations. It is a tool which you can use with your hand.

This tool can feed a glue stick. It has a heating element which melts the glue to use. You should press the trigger and apply the amount of glue you need.

If you are not serious and want to purchase it without knowing its considerations then you are going to do a mistake. You should stop before purchasing the glue gun and must be aware of the considerations of it before buying.

In this purpose, you can follow the considerations below with care. So let’s go to know about the major considerations before buying a glue gun.


Design is the first consideration before buying a glue gun. As it is a hand using tool so its design must be perfect to match with your hands.

A glue gun should not be too much large which is not easy to handle. Again, it should not be too small with your hands that you face difficulty to use it. So make sure a medium and perfect size and design of your targeted glue gun.

Trigger Feed:

Trigger feed is the second consideration before buying a hot glue gun. There are trigger feed and manual feed glue gun. In that case, trigger feed is best.

To use your glue gun and to apply the glue to the targeted place you have to press the trigger several times. So the trigger should be strong and smooth so that you do not face any trouble while applying it.


Wattage is the third and very important consideration before buying a glue gun. Your targeted glue gun should not be more than 100 watts. Because 100 watt is enough for it, otherwise energy will waste. But, if you need a more powerful glue gun then you can choose one which is upper than 100 watts.

Warm-up Time:

Warm up time is also very important fact to consider before buying a glue gun. You must not want to wait a long time to make it warm. The best glue gun will need just 3 to 5 minutes to warm up. So consider the warm-up time of your targeted glue gun.


Cont is one of the main consideration before buying a product. If all the considerations matched with the glue gun you are targeting but the price is out of your final budget, then it is not possible to take. So look at the price before selecting a glue gun for you.

All the above considerations are must to follow before buying a glue gun. If your selected glue gun has all the above consideration then you can purchase it without feeling any tension or confusion. Also, there are some extra considerations which should be followed before buying it.

  • It should suit your specific purpose.
  • Its stand should be safe as well as strong.
  • Cord length of the glue gun should be considered.
  • High temperature and low temperature also need to consider.
  • Nozzles should be interchangeable according to the sort of the work. 

A Simple Guide On How To Use A Hot Glue Gun

Knowing how to use a hot glue gun is essential to the safety of the person working with it. Be it at their workplace or in a household, it is one of the most commonly used hot melt adhesive melting units around.

Even kids can be safe when using a hot glue gun, by using the crafty magic melt sticks, not forgetting to keep your glue sticks in a safe place.

These guns are perfect for everyday use. Knowing how to use a hot glue gun is ideal if you are either fixing something or building something. The electric and battery powered hot and cold heat glue gun can be used as follows:

User Guide – One : Plugging the gun into an electrical power supply, and place it securely, away from anything flammable, wooden or carpet like surfaces. The reason for this is that while the glue gun is heating up, bits of glue might drip out of the tip.

User Guide – Two : Place the sticks of glue into the rear of the glue gun. If there already is a glue stick in the chamber of the glue gun, make sure that you keep a glue stick in reserve, ready to be used.

User Guide – Three : While the glue gun is heating up, gather together all the materials you want to glue. Elements that work well with these glue guns are; dried flowers, plastics, woods, Styrofoam, and thick fabrics. Ceramics, thin papers, and structures are not the best materials to use this glue on as the waxy leaves an adhesive residue.

User Guide – Four : You need to check if the glue has melted. To do so, you must slightly squeeze the trigger and place the tip of the glue gun on a sheet of paper. If the glue gun disperses the glue quickly, the gun has heated up to the right temperature. If it too hard to pull the trigger, then the glue gun has not reached the required heat, therefore forcing you to wait an extra minute or two for it to heat up thoroughly.

User Guide – Five : Once the glue gun has heated up enough and you have tested it, pick up the glue gun, and gently squeeze the trigger while gluing lines on the item you wish to stick.

User Guide – Six : As soon as you have finished drawing your lines with the glue gun, immediately place the other piece of material you wish to glue on the lines you have drawn, by pressing down firmly to ensure that it will stick.

User Guide – Seven : You will then need to hold the two pieces you have glued together for around fifteen seconds. To test if the item will still keep, remove one hand.

User Guide – Eight : Finally, you will need to let the item set for several minutes for the questions to “cure.” when the glue has dried completely, you use your fingernail, or anything similar to it, to scrape away the excess glue.

Using a hot glue gun is very simple, but one must also follow the glue gun safety tips. They can be used by anyone, anywhere. Even the kids can have fun with it, especially if you have sticks which provide a crafty magic melt.


Q – Which is the best glue gun for a small project

Ans: There are several types of glue guns available in the market for small projects. I suggest you choose CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun if you are a DIYer and need a glue gun for your small projects.

Q – Which is the best glue gun for professional

Ans: For heavy duty projects, you can choose the Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun. It’s one of the best glue guns ever!

Q – Which glue gun is best, trigger feed or manual feed?

Ans: Trigger feed is best. To use a glue gun and to apply the glue in your targeted place a trigger feed glue gun will be the best choice.

Q – What about the Wattages of a glue gun?

Ans: 100 watt is enough for a glue gun. Your targeted glue gun should not be more than 100 watts, otherwise, energy will waste.

Final Verdict:

So, how was the treap? Hope you all have enjoyed our DIY tools glue gun reviews. We have spent our time to collect the best glue guns for you. If these are being liked by all of you then our job will be successful. Please note that we do not allow and do not compromise on any wrong information.

So all the information above are pure and perfect. Hope you have already taken your decision to take a glue gun from our suggested best glue guns.

Still, if you have any confusion or any question or any suggestion on our review then please feel free to leave your comment. We will response in a while.

Thanks for being with us!

Have Sweet DIY project with your best Glue Gun! 🙂

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