Best Hot Glue Gun for 2020 – Reviews & Guide

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Are you searching for a glue gun to make a hard bond? You definitely desire the best hot glue gun to get the highest output! But, a huge amount of glue gun review available out there.

How do you find out the most trusted one? Well, as a glue gun mostly used for DIY projects, I think you should focus on DIY blogs because DIY bloggers are the most reliable to trust.

To suggest the best glue gun, one of the main facts is to know the must-have features of a quality glue gun. Also, it’s very important to know how to select a high-quality glue gun.

We are a group of DIYer and gathered here to share our experiences and to help you find the best DIY tools. From the continuation of that process, today we are here to suggest you some outstanding glue guns to help you with your DIY projects.

Finding out a good quality glue gun isn’t an easy task! But, you want to purchase the right glue gun to make your DIY projects successful. To get it, you have to spend a couple of hours on research, and in the end, you may not be satisfied with your purchase.

The good news is that you don’t need to waste your time on research! We have already done it for you! In our glue gun review, we have picked some high-quality glue guns spending 58 hours. Our goal is to present you with a satisfying purchase. You just need to keep reading and purchase one from our picks, which will match you most. So, let’s jump on our best hot glue gun review!

Top-Rated Hot Glue Gun for 2020 – Top 3 Pick




Hot Glue Gun Comparison:

The above 3 glue guns are of high-quality and most popular. Our research also shows that these glue guns are in high rank and widely used products ever.

A huge amount of glue guns available out there. But all of them aren’t of the same quality. Here, from our personal experience and days of research, we have brought you some quality glue guns.

We have added a glue gun comparison table for you to compare some top-rated glue gun of 2020. So, let’s see the comparison table right now!






Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Glue Gun

120 volts

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

100 to 230V

Pam HB220 220 Watt Glue Gun

Up to 100V

Surebonder DT-200F-KIT Black Mini Glue Gun Kit

120.0 Volts

Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun

Up to 100V

Cobiz Full Size Dual Power High Temp Melt Glue Gun

Up to 100V

Surebonder H-195F Specialty Series 20 Watt Mini Glue Gun

120 Volts

Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun – 60 Watt

120 Volts

8 Best Hot Glue Gun for 2020

1. Surebonder PRO2-100 Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue GunMeet with our first pick! One of the best hot glue guns for ceramic glue! It’s from Surebonder, a well-known and trusted brand for manufacturing high-quality glue gun.

Watching the name, you may already understand that it’s a high-temperature industrial glue gun. So, it will be a perfect choice not only for professionals but also for DIYers!

The glue gun is exceptionally lightweight and will give you much comfort while using heavy-duty projects. You won’t face any difficulty to hold it for a long time. You will feel comfortable to hold its comfortable body!

It has a protective heat resistant nozzle cover, which will save you from the inside heat. This glue gun is very stylish and good looking you will definitely love it!

With a strong body, it’s extremely powerful and obviously long-lasting. For all of these exceptional features, the glue gun has gained vast popularity on Amazon.

Why Recommend it

The Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt Glue Gun contains all the must-have features we have suggested you follow. You will be happy to know that it has a 30-minute auto shut-off function! Also, it comes with a safety fuse, side fins, and some other special features.

You can use 7/16-Inch diameter glue sticks with this glue gun. Moreover, it has an ergonomic rubber trigger and an advanced quality handle, which will provide you super comfort.

If you need a glue gun for craft projects, you can purchase either a 20 or 60 watts model of this glue gun. It offers a dual temperature for high and low applications. Not the end at all! It has some more eye-catching features. Let’s check out!

Design: It comes with an ergonomic design trigger, which allows you to use it with comfort.

Power: This glue gun has 100-Watt of Power. 100 watt is ideal power for a glue gun, you know.

Nozzle: This one is equipped with an insulated heat-resistant nozzle. Also, specialty nozzles are available for you to buy.

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2. CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue GunThe second pick is CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun, the best gun for using plastic glue! It’s from CCbetter, a renowned company for manufacturing high-quality glue gun.

It already gained a huge amount of positive reviews. Also, the glue gun has vast popularity among DIY glue gun users. Why? Well, it’s straightforward to use and has a perfect shape to match with your hand to give you a comfortable experience.

You can use this glue gun not only for DIY crafts making but also in daily quick repairs. What’s more? It’s a clean, glue gun. Mean, it will keep your items neat and clean. Moreover, it’s perfect for commercial and non-commercial use. There’s more to know. Let’s continue!

Why Recommend it

To recommend this glue gun, there are some exceptional reasons. What are those? Well, firstly, this one comes from a renowned company, and it has vast popularity with a huge selling ratio.

Secondly, it includes 25pcs environmentally-friendly glue sticks with super-strong adhesive and easy cleaning properties to protect your health and items.

Thirdly, this glue gun is really friendly and provides fast service. Also, it’s made of high-quality plastic and aluminum material. Not the end here. Let’s discuss its outstanding features!

Several Using Purpose: The gun heats up in 3-5 minutes and maintains constant temperature automatically. This feature makes it an ideal glue gun for home, office, and school DIY crafts projects. Moreover, it’s great to apply to metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics, and so on.

Comfortable: Features a safe and comfortable power switch with an LED light mode. Also, it provides detachable and flexible support to keep the gun stable and upright. You will be happy to know that the glue gun allows you to use it at any angle!

Powerful: Its trigger will allow you to control the glue flow properly. And this feature will help you save your glue sticks than you expect. The glue gun comes with high quality and insulated nozzle. Besides, the gun won’t deform even after long-term use of under 500℉.

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3. Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun

Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue GunThis Pam HB220, 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun, is a unique and top glue gun on Amazon. It’s from PAM Fastening Technology, a reliable and leading brand for manufacturing long-lasting glue gun.

The gun will provide you with long quality service. It’s highly responsive and will allow you a long using time without any trouble. For this feature, it’s called a restless and heavy-duty glue gun!

So, are you searching for a powerful as well as a long-lasting glue gun to apply glass glue? If yes, we suggest you purchase this glue gun without any hesitation. It will surely serve your purpose properly!

Though it’s best for professional use, you can have a try it for your DIY projects too. Also, it’s outstanding to use at home and outdoor purposes. The glue gun will provide you the smooth service that you desire! There’s more to know about it. So, keep reading!

Why Recommend it

Yes, some exceptional features are available on it to recommend. First of all, it’s one of the most heavy-duty glue guns out there. Secondly, it has an adjustable trigger which maximizes output and reduces fatigue.

Thirdly, it has a proprietary drip-free nozzle. And the nozzle will help you to make your job perfectly successful. Also, it comes with a beautiful design and a strong body to give you much comfort and restless service.

We have seen a lot of positive reviews from its present users. This is not the end here! There are some special features of this glue gun to share with you. Let’s check them out!

Quick Service: This glue gun reaches maximum temperature in around 5 minutes. So, you will be able to use it almost immediately after power-on.

Adjustable: It has an adjustable High Temperature of 285°F – 428°F (140°C – 220°C), which will help you to do your task quickly.

Watt: It has a powerful 220-watt heating element design for fast and continuous use. So, the glue gun will be the best friend for your long projects!

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4. Surebonder DT-200F-KIT Black Mini Glue Gun Kit

Surebonder DT-200F-KIT Black Mini Glue Gun KitAre you searching for the best glue gun, especially to use felt glue? Your search ends here! This Surebonder DT-200FKIT Mini Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun is what you are searching for! If you are known to the recent market, you may hear about “Surebonder.”

The company manufactures high-quality products but sells at a low price. And, that’s the most attractive option of this brand. Selling such a heavy-duty glue gun, Surebonder has already gained vast popularity around the world. What’s about the specifications? Let’s discuss it!

Watching the name, you may already understand that it’s a dual temperature mini glue gun. It comes with a stylish but slim body that will attract anyone. Moreover, the body is much lightweight and comfortable to handle. What’s special? Well, the glue gun comes with 12 glue sticks, which are really heavy-duty.

Getting 12 glue sticks for free with such a low price glue gun is really a great test! What’s about the durability? The glue gun is durable enough. It will provide a quality service for a long time which you even never expect! For what it’s best? Well, you can use it for professional purposes. Still, it’s 100% perfect for your craft and DIY projects.

Why Recommend it

The first reason for recommending this glue gun is its price. Its price is better compared to its service, which we have already shared with you.

This glue gun’s high-temperature settings are best for metals, ceramics, wood, and plastic. Again, its low-temperature settings can be used for ribbon floral foam, foil, lace, and delicate materials.

You can change the setting of the glue gun simply by flipping the switch on the handle of the gun. Also, some special features have made it perfect for you. Let’s see them!

High Temperature: Its high-temperature is perfect for hobbies, arts, and crafts. So, this is high time to make your hobbies happen!

Low Temperature: This glue gun’s low temperature is best for lace, ribbon, floral foam. So you can use it for this purpose without feeling any tension.

Package: The package contains one Dual-Temp 10 watt Mini Glue Gun with an attached power cord and flip.

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5. Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun

Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue GunLet’s meet with our fifth pick! The most popular glue gun to use wood glue! Not only that, but it’s also called the best glue gun on Amazon. If you are a quality lover and searching for the best quality glue gun, we suggest taking this one. Its unique quality with heavy-duty service will make you satisfied for sure.

The Blusmart Upgraded Mini Hot Glue Gun has already gained a huge positive customer review and vast popularity among glue gun users. Why? Because “Blusmart” never compromises with quality and service.

Do you think about comfort? Good point! The glue gun is really comfortable to hold. Its slim design and the lightweight body will allow you to hold it for a long time on your heavy-duty projects. It’s not only a professional hot glue gun but, you can use it for crafts, home quick repair, office, and school DIY projects too.

What’s special? Well, this glue gun also comes with some glue sticks. Can you imagine how much? It’s 30! Yes, the glue gun comes with 30 pieces of melt glue sticks!

What about safety? Be relax! The glue gun is really safe to use, and it does not let the heat come out. What’s more? Well, the glue gun is very flexible to use. Moreover, it saves your energy and gives you a long heavy-duty service.

Why Recommend it

Let’s discuss why we are recommending this 20 watts’ hot glue gut to you! First of all, it’s a super-fast glue gun that heats up within 2 to 5 minutes. Also, there are some unique features available on it. Want to know? Keep reading!

This glue gun meets all the considerations we have discussed at the beneath of this article. It’s 100% environmentally friendly. Also, it’s a perfect glue gun for DIY household tasks, including arts and crafts, card making, holiday decorations, jewelry repair, minor household repairs, and so on. Let’s discuss some of its eye-catching features!

Nice Construction: The glue gun comes with an easy squeeze trigger and a 55-inch length cord.

High Quality and Durable: This 20 watts’ mini hot glue gun is made of high-quality and heavy-duty plastic and aluminum. And, it has a LED light mode to let you use it safely.

Adjustable Temperature Control: Its working temperature is from 356 to 392℉, which makes the glue gun good for both hot and cold applications.

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6. Cobiz Full Size Dual Power High Temp Melt Glue Gun

Cobiz Full Size Dual Power High Temp Melt Glue GunHave you a tight budget? Searching for the glue gun that worth the money? Your search ends here! Cobiz Full-Size Dual Power High Temp Melt Glue Gun is what you are searching for! Why? Good point! Keep reading; you will discover something new!

First of all, it’s one of the good glue guns to use glue for leather. It’s a high-quality and heavy-duty glue gun but available at a low price. What’s more?

The Cobiz glue gun will give you the long-lasting hassle-free service, which you desire! Moreover, it will ensure outstanding comfort when you are on your heavy-duty projects.

The glue gun comes with 10 pieces of glue sticks, which are really heavy-duty. So, you don’t need to purchase extra glue sticks to start your project right now! It’s perfect for professional and non-professional use. You can speed up your art and craft projects using this glue gun. Sounds good? More to describe!

The glue gun is very secure for all aged users. Also, its ergonomic design and suitable size will ensure you comfortable service, and you will feel free to handle it. What’s more? Let’s discuss some of its outstanding features!

Why Recommend it

Do you love DIY projects? Searching for the best matching glue gun, right? Most probably, you are whispering to yourself, “YES.” For this purpose, the Cobiz Full-Size Dual Power High Temp Melt Glue Gun is our recommendation for you.

The glue gun is 100% perfect for applying to your fabric and other craft materials. It’s manufactured with high-quality plastic. Moreover, the glue gun is engineered to sustain high pressure and temperature without deforming. Let’s have a look at its key features!

Rapid Heating: The glue gun features rapid heat technology. It has a unique dual power of 60/100W. Thinking of heating time? Let it go far behind! This glue gun is featured with a german ceramic PTC thermal heating system. And, it will ensure 1 to 3 minutes fast preheating!

Design: The glue gun comes with an ergonomic design. Also, it has a unique dual-power design, which makes it best for arts and craft projects.

Safety: You must think about your safety! Don’t worry, the glue gun has inbuilt safety features and a fuse, which prevents overheating. And this feature makes the glue gun extremely safe to use.

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7. Surebonder Mini Detailed Glue Gun

SurebonderThis Surebonder 20 Watt Mini Hot Glue Gun is a popular product on Amazon. It’s from Surebonder, a trusted and popular brand for manufacturing high-quality and long-lasting DIY tools.

If you are searching for the right glue gun to use metal glue, I suggest you take this one. Why? Let’s discuss this in detail! The glue gun comes with an outstanding design and a great look even though it’s much lightweight and very comfortable to handle.

There are very few high-quality glue guns available at such a low price in the market. Yes, it’s much powerful and long-lasting, which is surprising at its price! One of the most impressive options of this glue gun is its customer review. There are a huge amount of positive reviews available on it at Amazon.

Most of its running users are mentioning it as the highest comfortable glue gun ever. So, you also can purchase it and manage your DIY tasks perfectly. Not the end at all! Keep reading for more!

Why Recommend it

The main reason for recommending this glue gun is its eye-catching customer reviews. Also, it’s very easy to use and so smart to look at. Moreover, the glue gun is very safe to use. Its high temperature helps to make a hard bond with metal, paper, fabric, wood, plastic, ceramics, etc.

This 20-watt glue gun features a lighted power light, insulated nozzle, detachable auxiliary stand, and a safety fuse for enhanced protection. Here’s not the end at all! It has some other outstanding features to share with you.

Temperature: It’s a 20 Watt and 120 Volts glue gun. You can use it with high or dual temperature glue sticks.

Safe: It has a safety fuse for enhanced protection. So, there is nothing to be tensed about your safety!

Design: The glue gun has a detachable and sturdy wire stand. Moreover, it comes with an ergonomic handle and rubber trigger, which are heavy-duty and long-lasting.

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8. Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun

Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun - 60 WattMeet our last pick Chandler Tool Large 60 Watt Glue Gun, the ideal glue gun for shoe glue! If you are searching for a glue gun to use on your long-term DIY projects, I suggest you take this long-lasting glue gun without any hesitation.

Why suggesting? Because it’s a handy glue gun which will make your long-term projects more comfortable and easiest! The gun has a nice body and large handle to provide you with the most output in your DIY tasks. It’s outstanding for repairing shoes, furniture, toys, clothes and so on.

What’s more? You will be happy to know that the glue gun is very easy to use. You don’t need any prior experience using a glue gun. It will serve you year after year, and you will forget to buy another one once you purchase it!

Moreover, the glue gun comes with both a unique stand-up base and a traditional stand, which will help you to use it without any hassle. If you are professional and searching for the best glue gun for professionals, the Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun will be an ideal choice for you.

Why Recommend it

Of course, there is something unique about this glue gun, which inspired us to recommend it to you. Want to know? Keep reading! The glue gun has a patented base, which will make your jobs easier. Moreover, it has some attractive features which will make you smile for sure!

Diameter: The glue gun is compatible with 11mm 7/16″ adhesive glue stick.

Heavy Duty: It’s a heavy-duty 60 watts’ large hot glue gun for craft building and repair.

Lightweight: The gun is very lightweight and sturdy. Again, it provides fast glue melting and saves your time.

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Why you Need a Hot Glue Gun?

Well, there are several uses of a glue gun in our daily life. It may be used in a factory or a business place. Again, it’s useful for our household chores.

We face many broken cases in our daily life. Even there are many things to tie with. For all these purposes, we need a DIY glue gun. Hence, for home use, you can choose a mini hot glue gun for you.[/su_box] 

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How to Buy a Glue Gun?

A glue gun has different types and qualities. All of them aren’t perfect for you. To get a reliable glue gun, you need to consider your needs. Moreover, you have to know about the main features and considerations of an excellent glue gun. Following them, you can understand which will be the perfect glue gun for you.[/su_box]

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Types of Glue Gun

There are various types of glue guns available out there. Such as- craft glue gun, cordless hot glue gun, electric glue gun, professional-grade hot glue gun, professional hot glue gun, professional glue gun, electric hot melt glue gun, durable glue gun, etc.

From them, you have to select the glue gun, which is best for you and suitable for your needs. We suggest you consider your needs first. Otherwise, you may purchase the wrong glue gun and waste your money[/su_box]


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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing The Best Hot Glue Gun

Choosing The Best Hot Glue Gun

From the above discussion, you probably understand that before buying a glue gun, you must follow some considerations. It is a tool that you can use with your hand.

This tool can feed a glue stick. It has a heating element that melts the glue to use. You should press the trigger and apply the amount of glue you need.

If you are not serious about the considerations and want to purchase one without knowing its must-have features, you are going to make a mistake. You should stop before purchasing the glue gun and must be aware of the considerations before buying.

For this purpose, you can follow the considerations below with care. So let’s go to know about the major considerations before buying a glue gun.


The design is the first and foremost consideration before buying a glue gun. As it’s a hand using the tool so, its design must be perfect to match your hands.

A glue gun should not be too large, which isn’t easy to handle. Again, it should not be too small with your hands that you face difficulty in use. So, make sure a medium and perfect size and design before buying a glue gun.

Trigger Feed

Trigger feed is the second consideration before buying a hot glue gun. There are both trigger feed and manual feed glue guns available in the market. In that case, trigger feed is best.

To use your glue gun and to apply the glue to the targeted place, you have to press the trigger several times. So, the trigger should be strong and smooth so that you do not face any trouble while pressing it.


Wattage is the third and very important consideration before buying a glue gun. Your targeted glue gun should not be more than 100 watts. Because 100 watt is enough for it, otherwise energy will waste. But, considering your needs, if you want a more powerful glue gun, you can choose one which is upper than 100 watts.

Warm-up Time

Warm-up time is also a very important fact to consider before buying a glue gun. You must not want to wait a long time to make it warm. A good quality glue gun will need just 3 to 5 minutes to warm up. So, consider the warm-up time of your targeted glue gun.


Cont is one of the main considerations before buying a product. If all the considerations matched with the glue gun you are targeting, but the price is out of your final budget, it may not be possible to take. So, look at the price before selecting a glue gun for you.

All the above considerations are a must to follow before buying a glue gun. If your selected glue gun has all the above considerations, you can purchase it without feeling any tension or confusion. Also, there are some extra considerations which should be followed before buying it.

  • It should suit your specific purpose.
  • Its stand should be safe as well as strong.
  • Cord length of the glue gun should be considered.
  • High temperature and low temperature also need to consider.
  • Nozzles should be interchangeable according to the sort of work. [/su_box]

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A Simple Guide On How To Use A Hot Glue Gun

To be safe while using a hot glue gun, it’s essential to know how to use the tool. Sometimes, kids may use a glue gun for their craft and DIY projects.

So, it’s a must for them to know the user tips before applying it. Let’s know how to use a hot glue gun in eight easy steps!

User Guide – One: Plugging the gun into an electrical power supply. Place it securely, away from anything flammable, wooden or carpet. The reason is, while the glue gun is heating up, bits of glue might drip out of the tip.

User Guide – Two: Place the sticks of glue into the rear of the glue gun. If there is already a glue stick in the chamber of the glue gun, make sure you keep a glue stick in reserve and ready to be used.

User Guide – Three: While the glue gun is heating up, gather together all the materials you want to glue. Elements that work well with glue guns are; dried flowers, plastics, woods, Styrofoam, thick fabrics. Ceramics, thin papers, etc.

User Guide – Four: You need to check if the glue has melted. To do so, you must slightly squeeze the trigger and place the tip of the glue gun on a sheet of paper. If the glue gun disperses the glue quickly, the gun has heated up to the right temperature. If it’s too hard to pull the trigger, assume that the glue gun has not reached the required heat; therefore, you should wait an extra minute or two for it to heat up thoroughly.

User Guide – Five: Once the glue gun has heated up enough and you have tested it, pick up the glue gun and gently squeeze the trigger while gluing lines on the item you wish to stick.

User Guide – Six: As soon as you have finished drawing your lines with the glue gun, immediately place the other piece of material you wish to glue on the lines you have drawn by pressing down firmly to ensure that it will stick.

User Guide – Seven: You will then need to hold the two pieces you have glued together for around fifteen seconds.

User Guide – Eight: Finally, you will need to let the item set for several minutes. When the glue has dried completely, you use your fingernail or anything similar to it to scrape away the excess glue.

Using a hot glue gun is very simple, but one must follow the glue gun safety tips. They can be used by anyone, anywhere. Even the kids can have fun with it, especially if you have sticks that provide a crafty magic melt. [/su_box]

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Q – Which is the perfect glue gun for a small project

Ans: There are several types of glue guns available in the market for small projects. I suggest you take CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun if you are a DIYer and need a glue gun for your small projects.

Q – Which is the best glue gun for professional

Ans: For heavy-duty projects, you can choose the Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High-Temperature Industrial Glue Gun. It’s best for professionals!

Q – Which glue gun is best, trigger feed, or manual feed?

Ans: Trigger feed is best. To use a glue gun and to apply the glue in your targeted place, a trigger feed glue gun will be the best choice.

Q – What about the Wattages of a glue gun?

Ans: 100 watts is enough for a glue gun. Your targeted glue gun should not be more than 100 watts; otherwise, energy will waste.


Final Verdict

How was the treap? I hope you all have enjoyed our DIY tools, glue gun reviews. We have spent our time to pick the best hot glue gun for you. If these are being liked by all of you, then our effort will be successful. Please note that we do not allow any wrong information on our review.

So, all the information above is pure and perfect. I hope you have already decided to purchase a glue gun from our suggested best glue guns.

Still, if you have any confusion or any question or suggestion on our review, please feel free to leave your comment. We will respond in a while.

Thanks for being with us!

Have a Sweet DIY project with your lovely Glue Gun! 🙂

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