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Best Chainsaw Mill Review and Buying Guide

Best Chainsaw Mill

Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, for making your woodcutting easier and faster, you need a chainsaw mill. We have spent 68 hours on research and picked the best chainsaw mill for you to make your purchase easy.

However, are you searching for the best chainsaw mill? Want to get a heavy duty chainsaw mill? Feeling confused to make the decision? Want a good solution to the situation? Never fear as we are here with our top 5 best chainsaw mill review to make a smooth solution for your problem!

If you go to market for searching chainsaw mill, you will find several types of chainsaw mill. In that time, you may feel confused to find out the best one for you. It’s very crucial for you to compare them carefully. And to find yours, you have to spend much time and energy.

For you, we already did it. So, you don’t need to waste your time and energy again for searching the best chainsaw mill. We warmly welcome you to go throw our review to find out yours. You will get a smooth way to purchase.

Before you decide to buy a good chainsaw mill for your needs, you should be careful on its using purpose and must have features.

To choose the best chainsaw mill it is much important than others. In that case, you will get a detailed list of must-have considerations of a chainsaw mill as well as its uses in our review. So, it will be the best for you to keep reading the article!

Top 3 Best Chainsaw Mill



5 Best Chainsaw Mill in 2018 with Review

Here we are! We are going to start our review of 5 best chainsaw mill. You will get some outstanding and heavy-duty chainsaw mills here.

All these are most popular and top-rated chainsaw mill on Amazon! Your purchasing process will be much easier and faster by spending a short time with our review for sure. So, keep reading!

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Granberg Chain Saw Mill

Granberg Chain Saw MillAre you searching for an all in one chainsaw mill? Have a big project? Purchase Granberg Chain Saw Mill, it will best for you for these purposes.

This chainsaw mill comes from Granberg, a well-known, trusted and old brand for manufacturing best quality chainsaw mills and accessories!

However, if you think you need a chainsaw mill which can cut beams or lumber from 1/2 inch to 13 inch thick and 17 inch wide we suggest you take this one without any confusion.

The chainsaw mill has a clear polycarbonate safety guard which will ensure your security. It is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum and zinc-plated steel which will last for generation after generation.

You can cut woods up to 18” wide and 1/2” to 13” deep with it by tightening its pressure bolts on to chain bar. You just need to clamp onto the chainsaw bar and you don’t require any drilling.

It creates less vibration than most of the chainsaw mills. You will be happy to know that, its brackets are really accurate and easier to adjust.

Thinking of its weight? Don’t worry, it is perfectly lightweight, you can handle it easily. Moreover, it is ultra portable! You can carry this chainsaw mill anywhere you need and it takes a small space.

Again, if you are new and do not have any prior experience in chainsaw mills, you can feel free to purchase this user-friendly chainsaw mill. You will get an easy instruction manual to use it without any confusion.

Whether you are DIYer or a professional, the Granberg Chain Saw Mill will be best for you! So, what do you think? Isn’t it the best for you? If yes then you can buy it right now. If not, let’s go for the second one!


  • Made in the USA
  • It can access nearly all timber
  • The chainsaw mill is Lightweight
  • Attaches to saw without drilling bar
  • t designed to fit chain saws with 20in or less bars


Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw MillDo you have a tight budget? Want the best chainsaw mill for the money? Searching for the super portable chainsaw mill? Purchase this Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill, it will be best for these purposes!

The product comes from Carmyra, a leading and faithful brand in the world of chainsaw mill! This brand has gained a huge popularity worldwide for its high-quality product and the most reasonable price.

The first and most eye-catching side of this chainsaw mill is its lower price! We already said that Carmyra makes high-quality chainsaw mills but take the most lower price than other brands.

It can cut beams or lumber from 0.5″ to 13″ thick and 36″ wide. The chainsaw mill is great for chainsaw bar from 14 inch to 36 inch. It is enough lightweight to carry anywhere and comes with an awesome and easily accessible design.

The Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill is 100% portable. You will not face any trouble to carry it in your workplace. It provides an adjustable cut lumber planks height and width.

The package includes a chainsaw mill, one set assembling tool, and a user manual. So, how about it? Don’t waste your time! Grab it before sold out!


  • Bar length from 14″ to 36″
  • It attaches to saw without drilling bar
  • Made of high-quality steel and aluminum
  • It cuts cedar, walnut, and oak into high-quality lumber


Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, Model G776-30

Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, Model G776-30

Another high-quality chainsaw mill from Granberg. Are you new to chainsaw mill? Don’t have any prior experience with it? Searching for the best chainsaw mill? You can purchase this Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with confidence.

As we have discussed on this brand in our first product description, we do not want to waste your time telling them again. Better we discuss the specifications of this chainsaw mill.

Granberg MK-III Alaskan Chainsaw Mill comes with 30″ rails. It is the best solution for professional woodworkers.

It’s not mean that it is not for DIYers. There is a huge amount of DIYer who loves it and keeps their faith on it.

The chainsaw mill can cut slabs from ½” to 13″ thick, and up to 27″ wide. When we were in the market for choosing the right chainsaw mill for you, we have seen this one in a high rank and ratings. We saw a huge amount of positive chainsaw mill reviews on it.

You will be happy to know that, the MK III clamps onto the chain bar and you don’t require any bar drilling. A downside of this chainsaw mill is that it not include the saw. You have to buy a saw separately.

And the most up site of this chainsaw mill is that it can convert rough logs into wonderful slabs. Allover, this chainsaw mill is best! It lasts for a long time and doesn’t make you unhappy while cutting woods. So, I think this will be the perfect buy for you!


  • Made of quality steel and aluminum
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Mounts to chain bar with a few turns of a wrench
  • It can cut cedar, walnut, and oak into high-quality lumber


Timber Tuff TMS-36, 36″ Saw Mill

Timber Tuff TMS-36, 36" Saw Mill

Are you looking for a powerful chainsaw mill? Having trouble to make your decision? Want the best but low price chainsaw mill?

Here it is, Timber Tuff TMS-36, 36″ Saw Mill will be the best decision for you if any of the above questions match with you!

The product comes from Timber Tuff, also a well-known and popular brand in manufacturing best quality chainsaw mills.

The Timber Tuff has already gained a huge popularity and good rating from its running users.

Whether you need the chainsaw mill for a big or small job, it will be the best solution for you. It can cut planks of lumber with an adjustable thickness from .20 inch to 11.81 inches. This 36″ chainsaw mill has an adjustable side bracket which fits with 18″ to 36″ chainsaw bars.

It is lightweight enough and easy to carry anywhere as it is specially designed to be lightweight. Definitely, it is a portable chainsaw mill. It takes a short space and you will not face any difficulty to carry it.

Whether you are a homeowner or a woodworker or a carpenter Timber Tuff TMS-36, 36″ Saw Mill will be the perfect choice for you. As it is made of high-quality materials, it will last from generation to generation.

Once you purchase this high-quality chainsaw mill, you don’t have to go other ways for getting perfect size lumbers. It will save your money but give you the highest test of woodcutting.


  • Provide you accurate and valuable lumber
  • It will cut any length of lumber, depending on your log length
  • Constructed of durable, aircraft aluminum and stainless steel
  • Attaches directly to chain saw Bar with fast and easy installation


Alaskan Mark-IV 36″ Chainsaw Mill

Alaskan Mark-IV 36" Chainsaw Mill

If you are a professional woodworker and need a chainsaw mill for your professional purposes Alaskan Mark-IV 36″ Chainsaw Mill is for you.

It is also great for any new user as it is very easy to use and control. You will not require any previous experience in chainsaw mill to use it.

This chainsaw mill is also from Granberg! Actually, Granberg is the most popular and well-known company.

When we were in the market for picking the best chainsaw mill for you, we saw this brand in the best popular position and it inspired us to pick several products from this brand.

Alaskan Mark-IV 36″ Chainsaw Mill can cut slabs from ½” to 13″ thick, and up to 27″ wide. It can cut planks and beams up to 32″ wide and 1/2″ to 13″ deep accurately. The chainsaw mill is really versatile and heavy-duty. You don’t require any drilling as it clamps onto the chain bar.

It has heavy duty end brackets which are accurate. It is really easy to adjust. From our previous product description, you may already know that Granberg’s chainsaw mills create less vibration than any other chainsaw mills.

This chainsaw mill will be the perfect choice for any professional woodworkers, homeowners and arborists. It is a lightweight but heavy duty chainsaw mill. Also, it is 100% portable, you can carry it in your required places without any hassle.

You may already know that Granberg’s products last for generation after generation as they manufacture their chainsaw mills with heavy-duty and long-lasting materials.

This chainsaw mill comes with tubular aircraft aluminum extrusion and zinc-plated steel parts. It includes an instruction manual for you to make the using process easier.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made of quality steel and aluminum
  • It designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Mounts to chain bar with a few turns of a wrench
  • Cut cedar, walnut, and oak into high-quality lumber


What is a chainsaw mill and why do you need it?

A chainsaw mill is one kind of traditional sawmill which has two type of operations. Using a chainsaw mill, you can cut wood of the size you need. Generally, a chainsaw mill has two rails. If you want you can attach them to the chainsaw bar. These will help you for a turned cut with your desired thickness.

A chainsaw mill is the best friend for a woodcutter. Using this tool woodcutters can cut wood exactly in the shape they want. If a tree fell down for any reason, you can cut them in your desired sizes to store or use spending a very short time and energy with a chainsaw mill.

Why do you need a chainsaw mill? There are several types of advantages of using it. If you have a chainsaw mill, you will be tension free from buying any other saws for making your job done! These are inexpensive and perfect for DIY projects.

A chainsaw mill will reduces your workload more than you desire! You can save your time and money too. Moreover, these are generally portable so that you can take them anywhere you need without any trouble. 

What Are the best chainsaw mill features need to look for

Before buying your targeted chainsaw mill you have to look for the best chainsaw mill features on it. Here we will discuss some must-have features of a chainsaw mill you should consider before buying.

Please remember that, if you are not serious to consider these important features then surely you are going to make a wrong. As a chainsaw mill used with heavy-duty projects, you should not be careless on its must-have features.

So let’s see how many and what features should be considered before buying a chainsaw mill.

Cutting Capacity

Cutting capacity is the first and most important feature of a chainsaw mill. You may need various sizes of wood and for that, the chainsaw mill must have the required capacity. So, we suggest you consider it before buying the best chainsaw mill for you.

Production Capabilities

It is the second must-have features of a chainsaw mill. If you are a professional woodworker or a DIYer and need to cut long trees as part of your project, production capability is the main feature to take on your mind.

Whether your project is small or big, it will be better to select a chainsaw mill which has a good production capability. If the chainsaw mill has better production capabilities, it will help you to use for any of your next projects and you will not need to buy a new one.


Most of the time we need to carry the chainsaw mill. And, for that reason, we must buy the chainsaw mill which is really portable. Sometimes, portability goes into the first consideration before buying it.

Adjustability of saw kerf size

The saw kerf of a chainsaw mill is responsible for the thickness of the slot cut. So, it must be adjustable and wide for getting the best output. You must choose the chainsaw mill which has a good selection of kerf sizes. It is better not to choose the chainsaw mill which has a 3/8-inch saw kerf as it produces too much of dust.


It must be lightweight enough. You may need to carry the chainsaw mill in distant places. So, in that case, a heavy chainsaw mill will be responsible for your hassle. So, make sure the chainsaw mill is enough lightweight and comfortable to carry.

Bar Capacity

If you need to cut wide woods, you must choose a chainsaw mill which has a wide bar capacity. You may know a wide cutting depends on the length of the bar. So, we suggest you consider this feature carefully.


Definitely, the price is one of the most important consideration before buying any product. For example, a chainsaw mill is being too much liked by you, you did a good research on it and find out all the important features by spending your valuable time. But alas!

The price is really out of your budget. Is it possible to purchase? Most of the time the answer will be “NO”. But, it is much painful than any other situation! So, we suggest you look at the price before you are making your decision to purchase it. 

Final Verdict

Several types of chainsaw mills are available out there. It is really tough to select the best one for you! Spending 68 hours on research we have collected 5 best chainsaw mill for you to make the process easiest and ensure a hassle-free purchase.

We can make sure you that all the above chainsaw mills of our best chainsaw mill review are the best selling and top rated chainsaw mills ever. You will be happy to know that we didn’t allow any wrong information on the review. So keeping your faith, you can purchase any of them!

Have a happy time with your loving chainsaw mill! 🙂

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