Best Benchtop Planer for 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Just a decade ago, making a good piece of furniture from rugged timber was not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the professional carpenters had the skills and equipment like a heavy thickness planer, hand saw, and other tools to do the job.

Even they needed to spend several days only to smooth out and shaping the wood to make it usable for wooden items. As time evolved, the gigantic thickness planer has been transformed into a portable planer and making the woodworking job easy for the DIYers, craftsmen, and carpenters.

Now, the benchtop thickness planers are designed in a convenient size with an automated function that gives you the opportunity to work in a small space.

If you have to look into the marketplaces, there are thousands of wood planers out there from different brands. It’s really a tough job to find the best quality benchtop planer worth the money.

Not to worry at all. We have made it easy for you! After completing 72 hours of research and analysis, we have picked some heavy-duty benchtop planer for you in this article.

All of our picked planers are of high quality as well as top-rated and recommended by professionals. In our best benchtop planer review, we have included various types of planers to help you choose the suitable one that matches your requirements and budget.

While doing the research, we have also acknowledged that a lot of non-professionals, especially the DIYers and hobbyists are fond of wood planers who may not have technical knowledge. We think it’s important to include additional information regarding planers to make the right decision.

Followed by the reviews, you will also be able to know the usage, functionality, considering features, risk factors, the difference between a planer and a jointer, and some other key factors through this article.

So, carefully read the reviews and don’t miss the details!

Top Rated Benchtop Planer for 2020




Benchtop Planer Comparison:

The above 3 products are not only the best-rated benchtop planers but also widely used by DIYers and professionals. Our research also shows that these planers are of high ranking and most popular products ever. However, didn’t you find your targeted planer yet?

Don’t worry; we know what you are looking for! Here we have added a benchtop planer comparison table for you to compare some top-rated benchtop planers for 2020.

So, let’s see the comparison table right now!






DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer

15 AMP

WEN 6550 12.5-Inch 15A Benchtop Thickness Planer

15 AMP

Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

15 AMP

DEWALT DW734 15 Amp Inch Benchtop Planer

15 AMP

WEN 6550T Corded Thickness Planer

15 AMP

DEWALT DW735 Speed Thickness Planer

15 AMP

Delta Power Tools 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer

15 AMP

POWERTEC PL1251 Benchtop Thickness Planer

15 AMP

Cutech 40200H-CT 13″ Spiral Cutterhead Planer

15 AMP

Grizzly G0505 12-1/2-Inch Planer

15 AMP

10 Best Benchtop Planer for 2020

Let’s get started with the best thickness planers reviews. They are among the top and renowned brands. Moreover, all these contain huge positive customer reviews you will surprise to see. I hope you will get yours from them!

1. DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer

To begin with the most popular and the best quality planer, here we recommend you DEWALT thickness planer.

There are several types of reasons to recommend this planner to you. It has a good amount of unique features that you will not get in other benchtop planers. Let’s find them out!

You will be amazed to know this planer comes with a 15 AMP powerful motor, 20000 rpm. It’s very efficient for large cuts without any breakthrough. Let’s see what else is in there!

As mentioned earlier, the quality of a planer depends on its’ parts. The Dewalt planer comes with three knife cutter head and double edge blades.

It will surely give you a smooth cut and the right amount of thickness as you want. It means you can also adjust the depth of the device.

Moreover, the device is associated with a fan-assisted chip ejection system including vacuums chips off. This system works to exhaust debris out of the machine. So, the surrounding place will remain clean and it will be convenient for you to use without bearing the hassle of wooden rubbish.

Are you concerned about safety? Don’t worry! Dewalt DW735 is extremely safe to use and you will never face any trouble while operating it! Nevertheless, this planer is a powerful as well as a long-lasting one. Even though it’s a noisy planer, using hearing protection could give your relief.

Undoubtedly, Dewalt DW735 is the best among the best benchtop planers at present. Moreover, it has vast popularity and a huge sales ratio in Amazon for its heavy-duty service.

If you are a DIYer and want to invest your money only for the heavy-duty planer, you should consider purchasing the Dewalt DW735 planer.

At A Glance:

  • Features three-knife cutter-head
  • Durable and easy replaceable knives
  • Long knife safe to use and easily replaceable
  • Powerful 15-AMP ensures 20,000 RPM motor
  • Adjustable feed speed for customizing thickness
  • 10,000 RPM cutter-head speed useful for large cuts
  • Maximum depth capacity 6 inches and width 12.5 inches
  • Contains fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums chips off to separate debris

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2. WEN 6550 12.5-Inch 15A Benchtop Thickness Planer

WEN 6550 is a well-designed and powerful benchtop planer. And, that is why we have given it the second position on our review.

If you are looking for the best benchtop thickness planer for professional use, then it will be the perfect choice for you.

What’s so special about it? Well, the planer has the capability of providing over 18,000 cuts per minute at 26 feet per minute feed rate. It’s not common for all types of benchtop planers on the market.

Similar to Dewalt DW735X, WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer has a powerful 15-amp motor. Therefore, you will get the highest output from it.

Moreover, the device is combined with two blade cutting system to provide you with an accurate and smooth cut! Moreover, you will get a Tri-Roller Feeding System on it!

It will ensure risk-free infeed and even thickness all over the wood. So far, we have discussed the machine parts. How about the benchtop?

Really, the benchtop is equally important as the planer, otherwise, you won’t be able to cut woods comfortably. Here is the good news! This Benchtop Planer has a non-marring Heavy Duty Granite Table.

So, it will be long-lasting and you don’t need to worry about replacing and buying a new one for a long time. Moreover, it has heavy-duty side handles and collapsible tables which make it easy to transport.

So, definitely, WEN 6550 is a heavy-duty benchtop planer and ready to provide the best service you can trust. It comes with all the required features and facilities that a beginner user needs. So, what are you waiting for! Grab it before it’s’ sold out!

At A Glance:

  • Sturdy, durable, and easily portable
  • The 15-amp motor ensures 18,800 rpm
  • Designed with fan-assisted dust port removes debris
  • Non-marring granite table for smooth infeed and outfeed
  • Plane boards up to 6 inches’ thickness and 12.4 inches’ width
  • Features adjustable thickness up to 3/32 of an inch with each pass

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3. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer

For the third choice, here we recommend you 12-Inch planer by Makita. If you aren’t familiar with Makita, here is the chance.

It’s a worldwide leading brand and one of the best manufacturer of industrial quality power tools. Professionals have complete trust in Makita’s products for its high-quality service.

In continuation of manufacturing quality tools, the brand Makita has made this Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer for professionals and non-professional woodworkers.

You will be glad to know that it’s 100% suitable for all kinds of woodwork. Through our research, we have also got to know some outstanding features which aren’t available on the others.

One of the unique features of the planer is, an LED light is included in the device. It indicates when the planer is plugged or not into the power source.

Makita is a lightweight wood planer which makes it super easy to transport to the job site. Moreover, it produces less noise during operation, so you can comfortably use it anytime.

Are you still unsure about it? You can look up the internet for more reliability. This planer has a big ratio of sale for its best service and also for its smart look. Even the users agree that it’s a user-friendly planer that is risk-free to use even for amateurs.

Even though it’s not an industrial planer, it’s designed and engineered with high technology that can give you professional finish woodworking.

So, if you are a professional woodworker or a DIYer and searching for the best benchtop wood planer for crafting or making furniture, it will be an ideal choice for you!

At A Glance:

  • 15 AMP motor ensures 8,500 RPM
  • Low noise, lightweight and portable
  • Easy-to-operate with on/off paddle switch
  • Comes with a LED light power source indication
  • Features adjustable depth to stop and repeat cuts
  • Double edge planer blades fast and easy to replace
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transporting to the job site

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4. DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer

Actually, it’s so much difficult to get the best budget benchtop planer that will give you the best service.

Again, it depends on the qualifying factors that help to choose the right one. Therefore, we have picked the DEWALT DW734.

As you already know, Dewalt is a renowned brand that produces the greatest quality tools and planers. Thus, you can keep your faith in DW734 too. This planer has a large capacity and it’s very easy to use for any non-professional user.

To be specific, the cut depth capacity of the planer is 6 inches and the width capacity is 12-1/2 inches. Moreover, it offers a maximum cut depth of 1/8 inch.

This capacity is more than enough for personal woodworking projects. Also, you will get accurate depth adjustment using this benchtop planer.

To make the device more convenient for you, it contains disposable knives. Once you are done with the knives or they are worn out, you can easily replace or dispose of it. Nevertheless, the planer has an effective dust and debris management system.

The DEWALT DW734 requires all the features that should contain in any best quality planers. So, if you are on a limited budget but don’t want to compromise with the quality, you can consider purchasing this planer.

At A Glance:

  • Comes with three knife cutter-head
  • Useful for deeper cuts in hardwoods
  • The 15-amp motor ensures 20,000 RPM
  • Cut capacity – 6-inch depth and 12-1/2-inch width
  • Adjustable depth adjustment for custom thickness
  • Disposable, reversible steel knives are easy to change

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5. WEN 6550T 15 Amp 12.5 in. Corded Thickness Planer

Here is another good quality planer for the DIYers or hobbyists. If you are looking for an easy operating planer at an affordable price, the WEN 6550T might be suitable for you. Let’s see what this planer is offering!

It’s a handy planer; however, it’s not lightweight. It’s easy to handle as it’s a small device compared to most of the planers. One of the significant features of the planer is, it comes with side handles and collapsible tables to make transport easy.

Moreover, to balance and ensure the stability of the device, it has been made heavyweight for safety. It overcomes the industrial look and comfortable to use.

Another remarkable aspect of the device is; it’s capable of cutting boards up to 12.5 x 6 inches in size. And, its 15-amp motor generates up to 18,000 cuts per minute at a 26 feet per minute feed rate.

Not all of the top-rated planers have this feature, but the WEN 6550T gives you this facility. This feature enhances the comfort level to work with up to 12.5 inches wide and 6 inches thick wood freely.

It has a dual-blade cutting system that is capable to take off anywhere from 0 to 3/32 inch. with each pass. This planer requires not only easy maintenance but also easily portable.

So, if you are looking for a benchtop planer for daily use on personal projects, you can consider purchasing WEN 6550T Corded Thickness Planer.

At A Glance:

  • Sturdy and portable
  • Fan-assisted dust port
  • Infeed and outfeed tables
  • Rubber adjustment handle
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Requires easy maintenance
  • Non-marring heavy-duty granite table
  • 15A motor generates 17,000 cuts per minute

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6. DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

Needless to say, Dewalt is a renowned and well-experienced company for manufacturing several types of quality tools. And by the process, Dewalt has manufactured this DW735 Two-Speed Thickness Planer with much care and using high-quality materials.

Since you already know Dewalt is a trustworthy brand, here is another best value benchtop planer in their list that you can consider.

The Dewalt DW735 is a 13-inch thickness planer that is ready to be with you in a professional or non-professional job. It’s easy to use for all types of users.

To make it even more convenient for the amateurs, the device comes with an automatic carriage lock which reduces the movement that causes snipe without the need for manual engagement by the user.

It has an extra-large turret depth-stop which allows you to return to the most frequently used or default thicknesses with ease. Moreover, its knife and other materials are heavy-duty and long-lasting. So, you will never face any kind of a risky situation while working with it, as it is made for safety.

This planer has great popularity among professional and DIY woodworkers. So you can consider this one for your personal and industrial projects.

At A Glance:

  • Features three-knife cutter-head
  • Motor power 15 AMP, 20,000 RPM
  • Comes with a long knife for safe use and replace easily
  • Maximum depth capacity 6 inches and width 13 inches
  • Contains fan-assisted chip ejection system to exhaust the debris
  • Package includes a planer, dust hose Adapter, dust ejection chute, and an extra set of knives

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7. Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer

Are you searching for a portable thickness planer? Feeling confused about which to buy? Consider Delta 22-555, it’s the best portable thickness planer ever! Delta is an old and popular company for manufacturing high-quality woodworking tools.

And, they are running their woodworking business with trust and quality products. If you believe in tradition then, it will be the perfect planer for you.

DELTA Power Equipment Corporation is one of the most reliable brands not only in the present time but also from the ancient time. Mostly, this is why we have listed this planer in our review.

Additionally, we have seen huge positive feedback from its running users. This benchtop planer is heavy-duty.

One of the most attractive features of this planer is its portability. You will be able to transport it easily from one place to another without any hassle.

Moreover, you will be happy to know that this Delta thickness planer has a reversible dust port, which will allow you to collect chips from the right or left side of the planer.

So, if you are a professional woodworker and in need of a portable planer to use on different job sites, the Delta 22-555 could be an ideal choice for you!

At A Glance:

  • Features quick replaceable knife system
  • Powerful 15A motor useful for small shops
  • Dual edge disposable knives and Reversible dust port
  • The four-column design ensures stability, smooth finish, and accurate wood planing

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8. POWERTEC PL1251 15 Amp Benchtop Thickness Planer

When it comes to portability, POWERTEC PL1251 should be the first choice. This benchtop planer is excellent not only for DIYers but also for professionals. What’s special? Well, this portable thickness planer is specifically designed to give an outstanding and smooth finish to the wood.

The planer comes with an ultra-sturdy and heavy-duty anti-wobble base. It has a non-marring surface that supports an assortment of plane boards up to 12.5 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

The benchtop planer is powered by a 15-amp motor and an innovative 2 blade cutting system. One of the most eye-catching features of this planer is its cutting capability.

The machine is ready to provide a deep cut even into hardwoods such as walnut lumber, raw oak, pallet wood, and so on. Moreover, it has a stainless steel precision cutter head which makes this planer capable of providing 18,800 cuts per minute with a 9,400 RPM. So, you will get a quick operation!

To make the transport easy, POWERTEC PL1251 is constructed with side-mounted carrying handles. So, you will feel free to carry the benchtop planer wherever you need it. Therefore, considering all the benefits and exceptional features, this best affordable benchtop planer will be a great choice!

At A Glance:

  • 4 column design
  • Available at an affordable price
  • 120V, 60 Hz, 2 horsepower motor
  • Does not include a built-in dust port
  • Includes spindle lock for safe blade change

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9. Cutech 40200H-CT 13″ Spiral Cutterhead Planer

If you have a desire to meet the best-rated benchtop planer, we suggest you have a look at the Cutech 40200H-CT. There are several reasons to consider it as the best. Let’s discuss them in detail!

The benchtop planer is powered by a 15-amp motor to provide you a non-stop quality service. You will be happy to know that the 40200H has a spiral cutter head and 26 two-sided HSS inserts to make your job perfectly done.

It includes extra-large infeed and outfeed tables of 14-inch X 14-inch. You don’t need to sharpen or replace the blades of this professional thickness planer often as it comes complete with carbide inserts installed. If you need a benchtop planer for rugged use, Cutech 40200H-CT will be the right choice.

The planer is equipped with all the necessary tools for changing rotate cutter tips. So, you don’t need to buy them separately. Also, the cutter tips of this machine are easy to rotate and change quickly. The thickness planer also includes a 2 ½” and 4” dual sized dust port.

At A Glance:

  • Snipe lock
  • Slide depth stop
  • Built-in dust port
  • 2 heavy-duty screw posts
  • Features depth repeat cut
  • Internal gears for height adjustment
  • Designed with 4 heavy-duty guide posts

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10. Grizzly G0505 12-1/2-Inch Planer

Last but not the least, we recommend you another portable Benchtop Planer from Grizzly. Probably you know that Grizzly has vast expertise in the woodworking business. And, it’s one of the most revered brands for manufacturing high-quality woodworking tools.

What makes the planer unique? First of all, is the design. Unlike other planers, it comes with a sleek and slim design.

More importantly, it’s lightweight. So, you won’t face any trouble while using it as Grizzly promises you the best service.

To tell you about its cutting performance, it’s one of the fast cutting planers that also ensures a perfect finish.

That means it will help you design any wooden material with smooth wood pieces. In order to ensure, the wood comes out with the finest finish, the device contains powerful HSS knives in the cutter head.

The planer is also lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly, good quality yet portable benchtop planer, here is the one. Consider purchasing this, if it’s ideal and suitable for you.

At A Glance:

  • 10 000 RPM cutter head
  • Top-mounted return rollers
  • Extra-large table extensions
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Includes knife setting jig and wrench
  • On/Off Toggle Switch with Safety Lock
  • Good quality planer with beautiful design
  • Features a 2 HP powerful motor 110V 15 Amps
  • Two double-edged HSS knives in the cutter head
  • 1/8″ thick knives give 12-1/2″ maximum cutting width

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What is a Benchtop Planer and Why Do You Need It?

“What is a benchtop planer” is a commonly asked question. It’s not possible to answer elaborately in a few sentences. However, we have tried our best to give you a general idea about a benchtop planer. Here it is!

The benchtop planer is also known as a portable thickness planer. It’s one of the primary tools that is required for woodworking projects.

A few years back, the planers were used only at mil working shops by the carpenters. They used to be expensive for non-professional users. But, now it comes in a portable size and affordable price that anyone can use it.

If you have a piece of timber and want to make something useful out of it, how do you do it? That is when you need the benchtop planer! This tool can cut your timber into the proper thickness and dimensions you need. Moreover, it can give you a smooth finish and perfect edges.

Even though this wood planer cannot give you the thickness like the industrial ones, it can definitely give you a smooth finish and thickness at a reduced rate.

Thus, such devices are mostly loved by hobbyists and DIYers. They are portable and lightweight that you can easily move without the need for help. Also, the device requires less space to store. You can just store them in the garage or basement.

At this point, you may ask we can purchase the ready pieces of wood, then why do you need to get a planer? Well, the benchtop planer is not for everyone, but the DIYers or craftsmen love to use it for showcasing their creativity.

So, you can use the device for trimming down any pieces of wood and whenever you want. Also, the readymade wood pieces in the market may not be parallel and sharp edges. But, using the planer you can make sure all pieces of wood have a smooth finish.

Moreover, there are various types of benchtop planers available in the market. Before purchasing one, it’s important to know which type would serve your needs. Follow the next section to know the types of benchtop planers.[/su_box]

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What are the Types of Wood Planer?

If you are a beginner or hobbyist, you might not be familiar with the various types of planers. Based on the purpose and each tool’s function, the wood planers are divided into five categories. Let’s find out what they are!

1. Handheld planer

The handheld planer is operated manually. The device comes with a plane and a blade. So, to make the device work, you need to move your hand back and forth and shape the wood. The device is designed with a handy size that you can also take it anywhere.

2. Power Hand Planer

As the name suggests, the power hand planer runs by electricity. It can either be a corded planer or battery-operated planer. The benefit of using a power planer is, it reduces the hassle of using a hand to operate it. All you need to know is, turn on the device and it will get the job done. So, to save your time and energy, you can go for a power hand planer.

3. Benchtop Planer

We have already explained what a benchtop planer is. In short, a benchtop planer is a tool that is used for cutting timber in a precise width and length. It’s an automated machine where the roller allows the timber to pass through the cutter head. It’s a lightweight device that is easy to operate by anyone.

4. Stationary Planer

The stationary planer is a bigger version of the benchtop planer. Such planers are used in mil factory or cabinet where a large amount of woods need to cut at different sizes. They are also known as industrial benchtop planer. So, if you need a thickness planer for regular use, you can consider purchasing a stationary planer.

5. 2 in 1 Planer Tool

The 2 in 1 planer tool is a combination of a benchtop jointer and a planer. Even though it’s one device, the function performs separately. The combined technology helps to thicken, straighten, and flatten a piece of wood. It’s mostly preferred to make wooden furniture.

Mostly, these are the types of wood planer. Based on the type of wood finish you need and what you would like to make, you can choose the planer which would be suitable for you.

Now, you know what are the varieties of wood planer. Since you are searching for the best benchtop planer, don’t you think it’s also important to know how the tool works?[/su_box]

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How does the Benchtop Planer Function?

To have a profound understanding of a benchtop planer, here we would like to explain how the device functions.

Knowledge is bliss. It’s applicable for many things but most importantly technical devices. When it comes to devices, it’s crucial to have an overall idea of how the device operates before you actually start operating.

Having a thorough idea has two benefits. One, you will be familiar with the device and work accordingly. Secondly, if any problem occurs in the device, you can identify it easily. The more important factor is; you can take proper maintenance measures for the longevity of the device.

Mainly, a benchtop planer consists of an in-feed roller, a cutter head, and an out-feed roller. All of these parts are set on a benchtop. As the machine is turned on, the wood is placed through the infeed roller. The roller helps to pass towards the rotating cutter head.

Here, the uneven, rugged piece of wood is chopped and thickened in a particular size giving it a smooth finish. After that, through the outfeed roller, the ready piece of wood is sent out off the planer.

Overall, this is how almost all the benchtop planer works. However, the quality of the finish depends mostly on the quality of the parts. Therefore, you need to pay special concentration on the parts of your targeted benchtop planer. There are some other factors too.[/su_box]

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What are the Best Benchtop Planer Features Need to Look for?

At this point, you must have realized the wood planer varies based on the design and innate technology. You may have already decided what type of planer you want, but how do you find the best quality one from the thousands of planers out there? Since buying a planer is an investment, it must be worth the money.

Therefore, to help you make the right decision, we have listed up some important features of benchtop planers that you should consider before purchase.

Don’t worry, the features also exist in the enlisted products we have picked in our thickness planer reviews. No matter if you purchase the best-rated benchtop planer from the list or any other, these features will help you evaluate the quality of the planer.

Let’s see how many considerations should be followed before buying an excellent benchtop planer. So, we recommend you read the below section carefully.


The power of a benchtop planer depends on the motor. So, obviously, it’s one of the crucial parts of the device. It has to be enough power to smoothly operate the machine while in use.

Also, the motor needs to have the capacity to cut the type of wood that you are going to cut. Otherwise, you might face interruption and difficulty during work. Even, it can burn the wood!

So, make sure your targeted planer contains a minimum of 5 HP or 8000 revolutions per minute.


Cutterhead is another significant part of a planer. The better quality cutter-head will give you the best quality finish. Usually, benchtop planers come with two types of cutter-head – helical and straight knife cutter-head. If you are looking for a great finish, then you can go for a helical cutter-head. But you need to adjust to the noise.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an average quality finish and an affordable device. Then you can go for a straight knife cutter-head that will also give you less noisy service. Another factor to mention is, compared to the helical cutter-head. It’s easy to sharpen the straight knife cutter-head when it gets blunt.

Depending on the purpose, both of the cutter-head are widely preferred in planers. You can also consider the one you think would be suitable for your purpose.

Self-indexing knife

Some of the benchtop planers come with self-indexing and double edge knife. It’s very important for a planer. If the cutter doesn’t have self-indexing quality, it might be time-consuming and disruptive during use. Here, if the device features an automated cutter head, then it can solve the issue. The automated function helps to roll the cutter-head smoothly.

Stops and Gauges

Most of the planer feature to stop and gauge technology. It’s very helpful, so make sure your targeted device has this quality. This technology helps you to understand how much thickness would be reduced. As a result, you can also realize whether the wood is going to tear apart or used for your purpose.


Usually, the benchtop planers can thicken the wood at a reduced rate compared to the industrial planer. Most planers have enough capacity to fulfill the requirement of DIYers and hobbyists. But, the capacity of a device must be able to thicken at least 6 inches’ height and 11 inches’ width.


Benchtop planers are expensive. So, your budget is an important fact. You may have a targeted budget and requirements. If you are not sure how much budget you should consider, you will be able to get a good quality planer for $400 to $700.[/su_box]

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What Might Happen if you don’t Consider the Features?

Buying a benchtop planer without considering its must-have features is nothing but a wrong decision. Here, on our best portable planers review, we have included all the must-have features you need to look for before making the purchase. So, what will happen if you don’t consider them? Let’s find out!

  • The parts of the device could be less durable
  • The targeted planer might not be a type you need
  • It could be too powerful for your timber to tear it apart
  • You are looking for a benchtop planer but mistakenly buy a jointer
  • The planer might be within your budget but it could have less capacity and power[/su_box]

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Difference Between Benchtop Planer and Benchtop Jointer

For a professional, the benchtop planer and a jointer are designed for different purposes. But, for beginners, it might seem similar. When may mistakenly purchase a benchtop jointer instead of a planer, therefore we think it’s important to clear the confusion.

In short, a jointer is used mainly for industrial purposes for constructing furniture and wooden items. If you are fond of making furniture on your own, then you can get a jointer. What can a jointer do? Well, when you get a piece of timber or wood, it’s not properly shaped or comes in a rectangle shape.

In that case, using the jointer, you can customize the size according to the required length, width, and thickness. The purpose of a jointer is; it makes sure all the pieces of wood can be joined together in perfect shape.

On the other hand, the planer can only ensure the wood is reduced to a required thickness. The device makes sure the wood pieces come in parallel faces.

It also gives a smooth finish and sharp edges while thickening the wood. Most of the planers come with automated functions, so it reduces the hassle of cutting, hammering, and filing the wood using hands.

So, if you are a DIYer and love wood, a benchtop planer would give you the smooth finish and thickness to perfectly use it for your personal projects.[/su_box]

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Q) What’s the best benchtop planer?

Ans: There are many great quality benchtop planers available on the market. It’s really difficult to suggest only one as the requirement varies as per the individuals. If you ask me to recommend, I would say DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer is the best benchtop planer among all.

Q) Who makes the quality benchtop planer?

Ans: There are many renowned brands that manufacture benchtop planers. You can find good quality planers from them. But, based on our research, we found Dewalt, one of the leading brands, has been ruling the woodworking industry for years.

They also produce great quality planers for professional and personal projects. From my experience and knowledge, I trust Dewalt.

Q) Which is the affordable Benchtop Planer for a small project?

Ans: If you go to the market, you will get a huge amount of Benchtop Planers. But most of them are for professional projects. From my personal experience, WEN 6550 12.5-Inch 15A Benchtop Thickness Planer is the best for small projects.

Q) Which is the perfect Benchtop Planer for professionals?

Ans: If you are professional and searching for a heavy-duty Benchtop Planer, you should be careful before choosing it. Benchtop Planers are costly products and you don’t want to buy them again and again.

So, you should choose a trusted brand. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp is the perfect benchtop planer for professionals as I see.

Q) How much should I cost for buying a Benchtop Planer?

Ans: The benchtop planer is available at different prices. So, the cost depends on your budget. If you have a good amount of money then, you can choose one from $400 to $600. Again, if you have a tight budget, you can choose one from $200 to $350.[/su_box]

Final Verdict

In the end, we hope you have liked our enlisted best benchtop planers. We have spent more than 72 hours on research to pick the 8 best planers and reviewed them. All information in this review is verified and well researched. We do not allow any wrong information in our review.

I hope you have been able to find a suitable planer for you. Now, it’s time to purchase the best one. But, before you purchase, make sure the planer is the type you are looking for. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the must-have features before purchase.

I hope everything is fine and you are on your way to purchase!

Have the best benchtop planer! 🙂

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