Great Ideas To Help You Add an Industrial Influence To Your Kitchen

Great Ideas To Help You Add an Industrial Influence To Your Kitchen

Great Ideas To Help You Add an Industrial Influence To Your Kitchen

The desire to have a room of your home featuring interior design resembling the inside of a warehouse or a factory is a key trend at the moment. Featuring lots of exposed wood and bare metal, this trend makes for a stylish look that captures both the past, the present and the future, all in equal measures. It’s a look that works particularly well in the kitchen, so ditch the sleek, white worktops and embrace a tarnished, industrial feel.

Mix Different Textures Together Around the Room

Use wood, metal and concrete. This will help to create the dynamics of an industrial environment. Don’t worry about striking a balance between them, you can mix and match.

Make Use of Exposed Brickwork

Take feature walls to a whole new level by keeping the brickwork exposed on one wall of the room.

Replace Your Current Door Knobs with Vintage Style Door Knobs

A simple touch but one that can transform a room, the old look of these is very reminiscent of an industrial environment. Consider changing the handles on drawers and cupboards to match too.

Utilize Glass Jars

Do away with fancy canisters and embrace the simple glass jar for storing things like tea, coffee and sugar.

Choose Work Lamps for Additional Light Around the Room

Ideal for dotting around the room, these lamps usually seen on desks often in come in simple metal styles and can bent according to wear you want the light. For the room’s main light look to caged lights, shade factory lights or vintage pendant lights.

Place an office Filing Cabinet in One Corner of the Room

Incredibly easy to come by and even more convenient, a filing cabinet provides you with bare metal industrial appeal and a place to store all kinds of kitchen utensils. Perhaps use the cabinet to showcase other items such as cooking scale, these will look incredibly decorative and they will be within easy reach when you need them.

Hang a Large Clock on the Wall

(it doesn’t even have to work), presumably something that looks very old. You could hang this up on your exposed brick wall and it will add to the factory element of the room. Elsewhere on the wall, consider hanging up street signs or distressed posters.

Use Wood or Metal Chairs for Your Dining Table

If you are struggling to find a suitable dining table, you could even use a desk! You can then go all out and distress the desk to fit in with the rest of the room.

Having Exposed Pipes

Pipes also makes for a very interesting look. You could even have a pipe going all the way across the wall and use it to hang up utensils.

Final Verdict:

Remember, you don’t have to make the room look completely industrial. You can add smaller elements to the room, for example just having a very minimal kitchen and then some posters around the room, or white walls with a steel clock in the center.

Think about things that you would find in a warehouse or factory, anything made from metal or concrete. Have a look in your loft; you are bound to have some wooden items that are not serving any purpose. These can all be used for decorative purposes. The industrial look is not very specific; it is just about the feeling that you create in the room. And often, the more cluttered the kitchen looks, the better.

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