How to Make a Wind Generator

How to Make a Wind Generator

People around the world have been looking for ways to keep their electricity bills as low as possible. One way of achieving this is by gaining control of the power of the wind through making a wind generator.

There are many guides available on the internet on how to make a wind generator. DIY lovers love wind generator process. However, you need to first learn the basics so you can decide if a wind generator is indeed suitable for your location and budget. Considering the continuing rise of energy costs, learning about alternative power is well worth the time and effort.

How to Make a Wind Generator

Find a Suitable Location:

The first thing that you should do is find a suitable location for the wind generator. For it to work properly, the wind turbine has to be at least thirty feet taller than any obstruction, like trees or tall buildings, within a four hundred foot radius.

Determine the General Wind Direction:

The next thing you should do is determine the general wind direction in your location. Observe the patterns of cloud and weather movement; take note of the storms’ common directional movement. Better yet, you can always contact the local weather station or airport and ask for advice on typical wind directions in your area.


When positioning the batteries, make sure that it is close enough to the generator to increase its effectiveness. You should also think about using 24 or 48 Volt battery packs.


Purchase an anemometer to help you establish the wind speed at the wind generator site. This device is essential in ensuring that the wind generator is working to its capacity, as well as to determine when to shut it down during strong weather conditions.

Choose Right Generator:

Choose from a commercial or homemade generator. If you have appropriate funding, you can go for the commercially made generator. Be careful to choose the right amount of power depending on your household needs. If you are proficient mechanically or electrically, you should consider finding a homemade generator that will suit your needs, as you can save a lot of money if you make your own.

Find an Adequate Rotor:

Find an adequate rotor to harness the wind’s power and convert it into usable energy. The rotor works by slowing the wind down while the generator collects the energy produced by the wind. Try to match the specifications to the type of tower you have. Consider the size, wind and power output.

Try to work out a system that can regulate power if and when the batteries are fully charged. Providing a special outlet for the build-up is essential to avoid wasting any excess energy. You can always opt for the usual method of turning on connected lights.

Final Verdict

Due to many different variables, the task can be quite complicated. It is perhaps better, at least on your first project, to buy plans or ready-made designs where the exact scope of the wind generator has already been laid out for you. The best plans will even teach you where to get affordable parts and materials. It is, however, achievable to learn how to make a wind generator in a week, or less, for just a little amount of money.

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