4 Steps to Prepare Your House for a Remodel

4 Steps to Prepare Your House for a Remodel

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, your bedroom, or your basement, you will need to prep the room for the significant changes that are coming its way. You will also need to prepare the rest of your house to avoid any inconveniences that may arise while the remodeled room is out of commission.

There are a few steps you need to take before you dive headfirst into your remodeling project, and these following tips will help you prepare your house for a new remodel.

Meet with Contractors and Designers

You can take recommendations from friends and neighbors to find the best home contractors and designers in your area. Talking with skilled professionals will not only help you hone in on a design aesthetic and narrow down your budget, but they can also tell you what to expect during the remodel experience.

Even if you make a plan on doing the rebuild yourself, the advice of a professional can make you aware of things you may not expect. You can find out how long the project will take, what amenities may be shut off or unavailable during certain times, and which supplies and power tools will be used.

This information is especially relevant if you have a noise ordinance in your neighborhood or small children at home for whom loud drills and power saws may interrupt nap time.

Cleaning out the Room

Cleaning out the room is a great way to start your re-modeling project. Work your way through every corner of the room and pack up non-essential items that you won’t need on a day-to-day basis. Use clear, stackable containers to store these objects in other places so that they won’t take up too much space.

Packing like this will be the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning and throw away things you haven’t used in the past six months.

You can also find clothing and furniture you no longer want and donate it. If there is old furniture or more significant items in your remodel space that you want to throw away, consider renting a dumpster to make the cleaning process much more straightforward. You can also cover your furniture with plastic or old bed sheets during less intensive re-modeling projects.

Stock Up on Supplies

If an essential room is undergoing a remodel, such as the kitchen or bathroom, it is wise to stock up on things like paper plates, plastic cups, extra toilet paper, and spare towels. Keeping extras like this available will stop you from digging through your packed boxes looking for things you may need.

If your kitchen is being remodeled, hold your small appliances on hand. Toasters, microwaves, and electric can openers will go a long way when you’re unable to cook with an oven or stove top. Keeping preferred bed linens and pillows handy will also keep you comfortable in new sleeping arrangements if bedrooms are being re-done, and little things like batteries and water bottles will help out if power and water are shut off.

Set Up a Temporary Living Space

You should consider keeping these additional supplies in a temporary living space. Re-purpose one of your existing rooms into a makeshift kitchen or bedroom while the remodel takes place so that you will have somewhere to keep items and continue your daily tasks with little interruption.

Your small appliances and a mini-fridge can turn a spare room into a temporary kitchen while you wait for your new devices to be installed, and by moving the coffee pot into your office, you’ll be able to keep your morning routine intact while you wait for the re-modeling project to finish. If you have them, basements, garages, and attics make for great temporary rooms if you have large furniture to store while you prepare your home for the remodel.

Planning the ins and outs of your re-modeling project is the key to a successful and speedy project completion. Knowing the logistics of the design, how long it will take, and what tools will be used beforehand will help you prepare your house correctly and help keep you and your family safe.

Remodeling projects turn your home into an active construction site, which can significantly affect your daily work and home life schedules. Therefore, knowing the details beforehand will help you prepare your home for the remodel and start cleaning and making accommodation arrangements as soon as possible.

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